SEMA NEWS: 2014 Hot New Products

SEMA stands for: Specialty Equipment Market Association. Because of this, you can expect to see LOTS of useful, and not so useful, stuff to rebuild, upgrade, add on to and polish your vehicle at the annual SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Below are some of the highlights this year that pertain specifically to the offroad and overland markets, as well as a few shiny things that have little use at all, but caught my eye 🙂  (See my complete SEMA Show 2014 coverage HERE)

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 1

Bejewel your engine? SOOO much automotive non-functional bling at the SEMA show!

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 2

PIAA‘s new line of LED lights stand out from the crowd through design and performance. I have 2 10″ bars that were just mounted on the EEXP that will soon be put to the test in Baja.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 3

Fully powered & waterproof GoPro mount integrated into Rigid Industries new “Capture” light bar.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 4

Just in case you need to go all tactical on your next offroad mission.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 5

Warn released an entire line of tough looking LED light bars at this year’s SEMA show.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 7

ARB expanded it’s line of Intensity LED lights to include this smaller 7.24″ light.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 8

There where well over 20 companies at the show offering small lithium battery packs designed to jump start your car and charge up your electronics on the go.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 9

These Jibb Safety Battery Cable Fasteners seem like a solid idea. They remove the traditional bolt and replace them with a easily removed, but secure, plastic fastener. No more corrosion, as there is no contact between the metal bolt and the metal cable clamp.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 10

The Switch-Pro is a programmable 8-Switch panel power system that is a really clean install solution for all your offroad accessories. MSRP: $479.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 11

Ironman 4×4 now offers a huge selection of high end fridge/freezers for all of your overland needs. This dual zone “Ice Cube” unit has an extremely solid construction, full digital monitor and allows you to have chilled beer and frozen ice cream in the same unit.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 13

The new Expeditionaire Magnum portable air compressor kit from Extreme Outback Products seems like a really well designed and durable product. It even integrates remote controlled on/off capabilities.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 15

2 Way Air offers a new integrated vehicle air inflation system that only requires you to attach a hose to each wheel and hit the compressor switch. Once setup, it inflates all of the tires to the same PSI at once.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 16

Hi-Lift introduced their new Patriot Edition jack, new soft jack bags and a new lock for their jack mounting pins.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 17

Ramsey is stepping up their winch game with the new Sierra series that integrates a plethora of industry leading technologies in what looks like a very refined package.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 18

Warn has upgraded their top of the line Zeon winches with a digital wireless remote that eliminates the manual clutch on the winch and provides a ton of important data about the winch’s operation.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 19

For those small jobs around the house, farm, garage, etc… the new Drill Winch from Warn is just the ticket.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 20

Factor55 continues to elevate closed system winching with their line of American made accessories.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 21

The new Gator Jaw soft shackle by Bubba Rope has a breaking strength of 32,000 lbs and its design is very confidence inspiring, as it tightens on itself as it is put under tension. Expect a review on Exploring Elements once I get a chance to put this product through the paces.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 23

Superwinch brought their new Gator Grips offroad traction devices to the show, at a retail price of $190. I’m honestly surprised to see such a product from such a well respected company, as they seem like flimsy, flexible, cheap knock-offs of the industry leading Maxtrax.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 24

ARB has now developed modular bumper systems for the big 3 full size US trucks.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 25

I’ve never used an exhaust brake, but have been told by many lately that it would be a very good addition to the EEXP. This kit from PacBrake looks like something I might have to try soon.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 26

This platform and drawer system for full size trucks from Decked seems like a rugged solution for keeping gear organized in your truck bed while still providing you with a platform to store big items or setup a sleeping area.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 27

Bushwacker now offers color matched fender flares. They also come preassembled, unlike their non-painted flares, which will make install that much easier.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 28

This “2 faced” 2015 4 Runner in the Bushwacker booth shows you the difference in look between painted and unpainted fender flares.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 29

Safari Snorkel now offers an offroad truck snorkel for the current gen Tacoma, available in the US from ARB USA.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 30

Tailgate Pong: ingenious, completely unnecessary and extremely fun. I went 3 for 3, in 3 different cups on my 1st attempt 🙂

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 31

OME‘s new bypass shocks are going to stir up the offroad suspension market. They are working on releasing applications for most offroad vehicles by the end of 2015.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 32

Ironman 4×4 is bringing their Australian proven Foamcell Pro shocks to America.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 33

Icon Vehicle Dynamics continues to be a leader in offroad suspension technology. They now offer a new Raptor rear suspension kit that provides 3″ more rear travel.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 34

Hellwig really does have something for every application! They are working hard to keep up with all the new vehicle releases over the past few years. Hear is the new front sway bar for the 2015 Ford F150.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 35

ARC debuted a number of cool products at SEMA this year including this Extreme Offroad Coupling, which is maybe the ultimate offroad trailer setup.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 36

ARC also showed off this versatile jockey wheel that compliments the capabilities of their coupling well.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 37

This Xventure trailer setup was ready for adventure in the Rhino-Rack booth.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 38

This new RTT design from Suntop folds into the company’s soft top roof.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 41

One way to make your Jeep go BOOM is to buy a roof from Pro Box, that is basically one MASSIVE stereo system.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 42

Dana knows axels, and their new JK Ultimate Dana 60 is no exception.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 43

I actually really like the looks of these huge wheels on this low and long Bentley.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 44

LOTS of deeeeeeeep dish wheels at the show this year, & lots of 2015 Mustangs.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 45

More deep dish action, this time in carbon.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 46

When your double deuces just aren’t enough step up your game with these 34″ rims from STARR Wheels!!!

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 47

Saw WAY too many tires like this! Why would you want an aggressive MT tire with such a low profile sidewall???

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 48

Lots of custom LED headlight configurations on all types of rigs this year. These Fast Headlights actually tied this truck together nicely.

SEMA2014AutomotiveAccessories 49

Probably one of the most fun “accessories” you can buy for your vehicle at this year’s SEMA show was this fat tire 49cc Motoped. Brap…brap… 🙂

(Complete SEMA Show 2014 coverage HERE)

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