SEMA 2017: The Khaki Revolution

Some of the most interesting off road and overland vehicles at The SEMA Show 2017 were a khaki/sand/tan color. Put on your safari outfits, kick back and have a look at these SEMA 2017 vehicles. AEV came out swinging at this year's SEMA Show with a bunch of truly inspiring vehicles. The big … [Read more...]

SEMA 2017: Sweet Street Rides

SEMA 2017 Street Cars The SEMA Show is the ultimate annual car show, and the largest custom car show in the world. It is all about the automotive aftermarket, in the MANY forms that takes. While I usually cover most of the show from an overland and off road perspective, which I of course did again … [Read more...]

SEMA 2016: The Jeep Invasion Continues

I once again went about trying to capture a photo of every Jeep at SEMA this year. I managed to find 211.5 Jeeps at SEMA 2016, only one more than the 210.5 spotted in 2015. For the 7th year in a row the Jeep JK won the SEMA Hottest 4x4-SUV Award. The plethora of Jeep vehicles at the show just hints … [Read more...]

EVERY Jeep at The SEMA Show 2015

The annual SEMA Show in Las Vegas has turned into the ultimate Jeep show. For the 6th year running the Jeep JK was awarded the Hottest 4x4-SUV Award at the show. I wrote about the Jeep invasion in 2012 (SEMA NEWS: The Jeep Invasion) and again in 2014 (SEMA NEWS: 2014 Mega Jeep Gallery), showing you … [Read more...]

SEMA NEWS: The Vans of 2014

There is automotive bling in every direction at The SEMA Show, and this year was no different. As a purveyor of the van life I felt it necessary to capture and share some of the vans, and van like vehicles, that caught my eye at the 2014 show. (Complete SEMA Show 2014 coverage HERE) I love this … [Read more...]