OVERLAND EXPO 2017: Homes On Wheels

I already shared with you the top off road adventuremobile from Overland Expo 2017 HERE, and the top new overland gear from the show HERE. Now it’s time to look at the rigs that are built to sleep inside of, and go places you’re typical RV can’t. For a full overview of ALL the awesome from Overland Expo West 2017 click HERE.When 4wd just isn’t enough you drive an 8×8! Big Unicat awesomeness. One of the many monster GXV vehicle builds at the show this year. The EarthRoamer is still a pinnacle aspirational vehicle in the American overlanding scene. Rebelzilla is a beast of an adventuremobile! Go fast monster adventure vehicle fun. Love the ingenuity of this camper build.┬áAn ambulance body literally strapped to a Steward & Stevenson LMTV. GMC Kodiak truck/van/thing by GXV. Crazy build! One of the finest rigs at the show. A customized Couch Offroad Unimog with a refined Bliss-Mobil camper box. Probably the one rig that got the most attention at the show this year, Aerocontinental’s Proto #2 cab-over aerospace aluminum camper build. Gorgeous metal work and exposed rivets!
While not finished yet, Aaron Wirth’s AEV/RAM/Lance camper build is one awesome home on wheels! Lots of 4 Wheel Camper builds, of all types, at the show, as usual. I’m loving the flatbed builds. While not technically made to sleep inside, the cavernous space in the NorWeld canopy on this full size RAM has my head spinning with possibilities.
Are there cooler vans than the Iveco camper builds? Maybe it’s just cool because we American’s can’t have them, or maybe they really are just that cool ­čÖé This one is hard for me to look at. While it is a very cool concept I can’t get over the pile of poor quality low end parts thrown at this monster. This rig has to win the classic fun award at Expo! Land Rover FC101 with a slide in pop-up truck camper. The Hilux is forbidden fruit in North America. Troopy’s are the quintessential overland vehicle in my opinion. It doesn’t get much better than a 70 Series Troopy pop-top. The Safari JXL Jeep build is an impressive attempt at turing a JKU into a Troopy style overland rig. It’s 15″ longer than a regular JKU, all from a bolt on rear body extension and new top. The Roam Built Sprinter takes the Mercedes 4×4 Sprinter platform to new heights, literally and figuratively. From what I understand, this is one of the last Chevy┬áDuramax diesel Express┬ávans made, and it was upfitted by Sportsmobile. The latest incarnation of the Sportsmobile cutaway wide-body. Love the cavernous space in this beast, but think I’d go with a less bro wheel/tire setup.

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