OVERLAND EXPO 2017: Off Road Adventuremobile

Such a crazy busy and big year at Overland Expo West this year! I figured I’d start off this year’s coverage with some of the top off road adventuremobile I spotted around the show. These are rigs that aren’t really designed to sleep in, but are designed to travel off the beaten path.

For a full overview of all that was Overland Expo West 2017 be sure to click HERE.The Xelles LC200 is one sharp looking rig! The X-Overland LC200 & Tacoma are ready for their South American Adventures. Equipt‘s Tundra and LC200 are truly well though out builds. The Team-5 Tundra build is ever evolving into a truly impressive emergency response overland vehicle.
ARB USA‘s new Tacoma Build. The TAV Expedition Outfitters Tacoma is a true off road beast! Proffitt’s “Retro Cruiser” is a fully streetable rock-crawler that is all Toyota and very custom. Bandeirante Toyota FJ The FJ Company Classic ’81 FJ43. This beautiful rig will set you back just shy of $100K. I have a soft spot for Classic RR, and this Tdi example by Planet Overland is a beauty! The RoamR Wagoneer is a very cool and unique build. Think about the possibilities for a proper overland camper build on the Buckstop Truckware F550! Adventure Driven‘s new Expedition project, “Aspen.” Can’t wait to see the finished vehicle! I guarantee you have never seen a Ford Expedition with this meticulous attention to detail and quality gear. Refinement is the name of the game here! The first 8′ NorWeld Ute bed and canopy setup in North America. Cavernous!
Does it get more redneck overland than this!?!? Anything Scout is making some seriously cool creations! New Legend 4×4 Cummins 2.8L Turbo 4cyl Scout 800 build.


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  • Clay Croft

    Awesome shots and thanks for the Exposure! Great work as always Bryon!