UP CLOSE: Land Cruiser Heritage Museum

EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 1On my recent visit to the Land Cruiser Heritage Museum on the Toyota Ever-Better Expedition, which you can read about HERE, it was hard to take in all the awesome in such a short period of time. Because of this, I took some event coverage style photos and some shots of the Land Cruisers from the collection that caught my eye, but really focused on taking pictures of all the amazing little details found on these vehicles, and around the museum. I did this to both share the with you these special details, and so that I could go back later and appreciate what I just didn’t have the time to absorb while there. I’ll let the following pictures do the talking, and hopefully you will appreciate a bunch of the little details I spotted around the Land Cruiser Heritage Museum as much as I do.

EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 2EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 3EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 4EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 5EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 6EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 7EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 8EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 9EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 10EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 11EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 12EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 13EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 14EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 15EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 16EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 17EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 18EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 19EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 20EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 21EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 22EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 23EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 24EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 25EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 26EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 27EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 28EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 29EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 30EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 31EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 32EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 33EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 34EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 35EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 36EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 37EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 38EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 39EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 40EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 41EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 42EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 43EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 44EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 45EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 46EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 47EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 48EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 49EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 50EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 51EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 52EELCHeritageMuseumUpClose 53Be sure to check out the Land Cruiser Heritage Museum’s website and schedule a visit on your next visit to Salt Lake City, UT. This is a truly special place for any off-road/overland enthusiast. I’m excited to see this collection grow and revisit the facility in the future. I know there was a ton of awesome details that I missed!

Be sure to follow along with the Ever-Better Expedition as Toyota strives to continually improve their vehicles, and also check out my Ever-Better Expedition adventures on the Bonneville Salt Flats and more from the Land Cruiser Heritage Museum.

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