SNAPSHOT: Mid Atlantic Overland Festival 2015

EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival1 1The 2nd annual Mid Atlantic Overland FestivalΒ (MAOF) was a huge success. The event is held on a beautiful private farm near State College, PA, and encompasses a number of gatherings, including the Touratech Rally East and Four Wheel CamperΒ East Coast Owners Rally. Main Line Overland, the organizers and hosts of the event, had this to say: “the Mid-Atlantic Overland Festival is a celebration and gathering of adventurers who want to share their stories, experiences, and overland travel knowledge with like minded individuals.” This was my first time to the event, and I sadly could only drop by for a quick overnight visit due to a scheduling conflict. In that short time I was able to enjoy some workshops, presentations, great conversations, check out some spectacular rigs, catch up with new and old friends alike and enjoy food and adult beverages with a ton of great people while sharing stories from the road. Hopefully the photos below will give you a taste for this quality event and entice you to check it out in 2016. It’s already on my schedule!

EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival1 2The motorcycle area filling up quickly on Thursday.EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival1 3Impressive moto riding skills on display all weekend.EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival1 4LTWK‘s new every day carry (EDC) knife, with aerospace carbon handles. One of the many great vendors at this year’s MAOF.EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival1 5Lots of Four Wheel Campers in attendance, on a wide variety of truck platforms.EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival1 6Did I mention how beautiful this part of Pennsylvania is!!!EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival1 7Big bonfire for everyone to enjoy, lots of people hiding on the other side of that awesome mog πŸ™‚EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival1 8Quality libations were shared by all.EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival2 1 EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival2 2Star filled crisp nights helped campers unwind after hot days learning and sharing.EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival3 1Quality local baked goods and coffee were available to get campers motivated each morning.

EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival3 2Main Line‘s impressive F350 build.EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival3 3OFFROAD TRAILER:EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival3 4Adventure TrailersEEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival3 5Latitude Camper TrailersEEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival3 6Very cool home build trailer.

JEEP:EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival3 7 EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival3 8I like the way this Jeep owner thinks!EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival3 9Community is the name of the game.EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival4 1Why not! A fully built Jeep Liberty.EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival4 2Drooooool…AT Overland‘s original Jeep Comanche build.EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival4 3 EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival4 4 EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival4 5ARB‘s very clean JK.EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival5 1 EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival5 2Main Line‘s JK is always ready for an adventure.EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival5 3I don’t think I’ve seen a more well sorted overland Jeep than this example from AT Overland Equipment.

LAND ROVER:EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival5 4 EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival5 5 EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival6 EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival7 1Main Line‘s Defender combines classic lines with quality modern off-road accessories.EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival7 2Beast!EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival7 3Very British πŸ™‚EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival7 4 EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival8 1Stock Range Rovers can get you out there as well!

TOYOTA:EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival8 2Such a pretty pig πŸ™‚EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival9 1Classic 4 Runner built just enough.EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival9 2The 100 Series is such a formidable truck.EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival9 3Lots of FJ Cruisers at the event.EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival10 1 EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival10 2 EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival10 3The American Adventurist crew was out in force.EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival10 4Yes, that is an LS1 under the hood of a Tacoma!!!EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival10 5 EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival10 6 EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival10 7 EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival10 8The Dirt Road Trip camp.EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival11 1Lexus GX470 ready for the trail.EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival11 2Overland Experts Prado 150, sadly us US civilians can’t have one, unless you’re willing to consider a Lexus GX470.
EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival11 3ARB‘s FULLY outfitted 200 Series.

OTHER:EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival11 4The go fast overland option πŸ™‚EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival12 1 EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival12 2 EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival12 3 EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival12 4Broncos are not something you see often at these types of events.EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival12 5Full sized trucks can be built in SOOOOO many different ways to meet the needs of the adventurer.EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival13 1Tiger Adventure Vehicles always stand out from the crowd.EEMidAtlanticOverlandFestival13 2One of the cleanest Unimog I’ve ever seen. Soooo pretty!

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