SNAPSHOT: Mastodon Motor Company

ExploringElementsMastodon-1Mastodon Motor Company

Mastodon specializes in Mercedes G-Wagons, but offering all sorts of unique and sought after vehicles from around the globe. They import these vehicles and bring them to their Denver, CO workshop to perform everything from quick cosmetic cleanups to full ground up custom builds. They also are experts at sourcing unique American market vehicles, especially G-Wagons, for their customers.

I had the pleasure to spend an afternoon at Mastodon checking out their incredible inventory of impressive vehicles and getting to know the owners. I’m impressed by the quality of work, passion for the vehicles and reasonable asking prices. Be sure to check out the company’s website, especially their current completed inventory  and ready to build inventory. Below is a quick tour of the Mastodon Motor Company showroom and shop, from my quick visit this past summer. Enjoy the adventuremobile eye candy!

ExploringElementsMastodon-2 ExploringElementsMastodon-3One of my favorite vehicles that Mastodon builds, and regularly has in inventory, are their “Weekender” builds. This turbo diesel ex-military machine is ready for some serious weekend adventures, whereever you might decide to take it.ExploringElementsMastodon-4Classic utilitarian interiors that are fully refurbished by Mastodon.ExploringElementsMastodon-5 ExploringElementsMastodon-6 ExploringElementsMastodon-7 ExploringElementsMastodon-8 ExploringElementsMastodon-9 ExploringElementsMastodon-10 ExploringElementsMastodon-11A very rare and unique G-Wagon ambulance. The departure angle might not be amazing, but otherwise this thing would make an amazing overland adventuremobile build platform! TONS of interior room to create a comfortable living space.ExploringElementsMastodon-12 ExploringElementsMastodon-13The rear door acts as a built in awning.
ExploringElementsMastodon-14Ready to be built to your spec.ExploringElementsMastodon-15 ExploringElementsMastodon-16Rare NAS spec Defender 90, with some tasty upgrades.ExploringElementsMastodon-17 ExploringElementsMastodon-18VERY custom Toyota LandCruiser diesel pickup build.ExploringElementsMastodon-19Not every vehicle at Mastodon has 4wd, but they are all lust worthy!

(Exploring Elements has no affiliation of any kind with Mastodon Motor Company at the time this post was published.)

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