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Sea To Summit Sleep System

I’ve now spent over 120 nights, in a WIDE range of conditions over the past 20 months, sleeping in this Sea To Summit sleep system; Talus Ts II Bag, Comfort Plus Insulated Mat, Aeros Pillow and Thermolite Reactor Extreme Liner. I’m going to cut right to the chase with this review, great versatile system that will keep you warm and comfortable wherever your sleeping arrangements might find you. Read on for all the details.

I’ve slept in this system on sandy beaches in the depths of the Grand Canyon, the high AZ desert in winter, rocky and wet remote Newfoundland, the relative comfort of my overland camper and a huge variety of other places around the globe. Whether traveling by kayak, motorcycle, 4×4 vehicle or plane, this Sea To Summit sleep system has performed flawlessly, and allowed me to get much needed quality sleep on my adventures.eeseatosummitsleepsystem-4 The overall system will cost you about $775 and weights just under 6 lbs, at 94.3 oz. It packs down remarkably small and easily handles temperatures down to about 0 degrees F. Above all that, it’s also crazy durable, as the system looks nearly new even after the extreme and varied use that I’ve put it through.

Talus Ts II Long

MSRP: $418.95 (BUY NOW)

SPECS: 14 F Rated / 40 oz Bag Weight / 7.1L Compressed Size / 21.2 oz fill weight / 2D NanoShell / 750+ Loft (90% Down Cluster Premium Duck Down that is Responsible Down Standard Certified) ULTRA-DRYDown

INCLUDED: UltraSil Compression Sack, Mesh Storage Cell & Laundry Bag


-Comfortable bag for all season use, most importantly staying warm when wet.

-The relaxed mummy bag fit is comfortable for a wide variety of body and sleeping styles.

-Packs small and is lightweight for its temp rating.

-Includes storage options for the life of the product: compact compression sack, breathable mesh storage cell and laundry bag.

-The 2D NanoShell works well to keep moisture out of the bag and is extremely durable.


-The cinch straps on the compression sack get twisted easily, which is a bit of a pain to straighten out each time, and slip if you don’t straighten them.

-I sleep a bit cold and with little clothing. I found that I needed a liner to stay comfortable when temps got into the low 20s.

Comfort Plus Insulated Large

MSRP: $219.95 (BUY NOW)

SPECS: 79”Lx25”Wx2.5”H / 5”x10” Packed Size / 35.8 oz / R Value 5 / Exkin Platinum Fabric / Thermolite Insulation

INCLUDED: Stuff Sack, Repair Kit & Spare Silicone One-Way Valve Insert


-Crazy durable Exkin Platinum material, which is also quiet and reflects radiant heat back to the user.

-Dual layer construction allows you to fine tune the comfort of the pad, and provides peace of mind that you’ll still have some padding and insulation even if you put a hole in it.

-The 696 air sprung cells help distribute your weight over the entire pad for the ultimate in comfort, even on the most uneven ground.

-The Thermolite insulation in the pad prevents convective heat loss between your body and the ground.


-Kind of a pain to have to flip the pad over and inflate and deflate both sides separately, but benefits do outweigh this small inconvenience.

-Not the lightest pad, but appropriate weight for its comfort and warmth ratings.

Air Stream Dry Sack Pump

MSRP: $24.95

SPECS: 20L / 1.7 oz / 15D UltraSil


-Based on the 20L UltraSil Nano Dry Sack, with added valve plug & foot strap. Which means it is durable, crazy lightweight and waterproof.

-Quick and easy sleeping mat inflation. You can fill this sack with one breath and it takes 2-3 cycles to fill each side of the Comfort Plus mat.

-Great waterproof storage for most parts of your sleep system; mat, liner and pillow, but not the sleeping bag.


-Takes some practice to inflate easily with one breath. See this video for a great explanation: VIDEO.

-The added foot strap isn’t something I ever found I needed to use.

Aeros Pillow Premium Regular

MSRP: $42.95 (BUY NOW)

SPECS: 2.8 oz / 13.4”x9.4”x4.3” Inflated / 2.8”x3.3” Stuffed / Brushed 50D Polyester Knit Case / TPU Air Bladder

INCLUDED: Stuff Sack


-Most comfortable compact camp pillow I’ve ever seen/used.

-Synthetic fill between case and bladder increases comfort and wicks away perspiration.

-Multi-functional valve is super easy and inflates pillow to whatever firmness you like with just a couple of breaths.

-The combination of curved internal baffles and a curved bottom shape keep the pillow centered on your body, no matter in what crazy position your travels might find you sleeping in.


-While crazy comfortable for a travel pillow, it isn’t as comfortable as the large memory foam pillow I use most nights.

-It is inflatable, so in theory can pop and/or leak. Neither of these things has happened to me yet however.

Thermolite Reactor Extreme Liner

MSRP: $67.95 (BUY NOW)

SPECS: 14 oz / 84”Lx36”W / +25 F with 110 g/m Thermolite Fabric

INCLUDED: Ultra-Sil Stuff Sack


-Extremely cozy! The Thermolite fabric is a hollow core fiber that provides high warmth, low weight and is very breathable.

-The spacious mummy shape with large foot box is comfortable to roll around in and works great for a wide range of sleeping positions.


-The draw cord hood, with mini cord lock, might be great for some, but I don’t tend to use it and the cord lock is a hard plastic thing that can be annoying sometimes.

-Not as compact or lightweight as many liners, but I found worth the extra weight and size due to it’s high warmth and comfort.

eeseatosummitsleepsystem-10 The hardest single test I have put it through so far is a 12-day winter self support kayak trip down the Grand Canyon. It was cold, it rained and all my gear was wet and covered in sand for pretty much the entire trip. Not only did this sleep system keep me warm in those tough conditions, it also remained very comfortable and held up to the abuse. A quick wash after the trip and the entire system was like new again.eeseatosummitsleepsystem-11 I will say that you need to be careful about what gear you combine to create your sleep system. Each of the pieces of gear in this Sea To Summit system are great products on their own, but for sure work the best combined as a system. I used a liner from another brand when I first got this bag and pad, and honestly it didn’t work nearly as well, even though it was a top quality product. If you get each piece of the sleep system from the same manufacturer, you can be sure that they have been optimized to work together.eeseatosummitsleepsystem-12Sleep is key to keeping the mind and body sharp, which is key to successful adventures, no matter where those adventures might find you. This Sea To Summit sleep system is durable, comfortable and a great value. It will be with me on many adventures to come. Keep living a #LifeOfAdventure, and remember to sleep well.

eeseatosummitsleepsystem-13 eeseatosummitsleepsystem-14(Disclaimer: Sea To Summit provided these products to Exploring Elements for review consideration.)

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