REVIEW: RV Superbag

RV Superbag: The Two-Person Sleeping Bag Your Dreams Have Been Waiting For

by: Sarah Blessington

RVSuperbag 1


Single, Queen (W 62” x L 80”)(REVIEWED HERE), King, V-Berth, Custom


(All sheets are ivory, and extra long for comforter protection)

  • 200 Threadcount PolyCotton Sheets MSRP: $289.95 (REVIEWED HERE)
  • 300 Threadcount 100% Cotton Sheets MSRP: +$69.95
  • 525 Threadcount 100% Pima Satin Cotton Sheets MSRP: +$124.95

RVSuperbag 2Extras:

  • Add Decorator Colors: MSRP $29.95 (per side)
  • Drawstring Storage Bag: MSRP $24.95


  • Two matching queen sized pillowcases
  • Plastic zippered storage bag
RVSuperbag 3

Our old well used Green RV Superbag carried over from our Sportsmobile days into the EEXP. We use a knit blanket that Bryon’s Grandmother made on those really cold nights.

When I jumped head first into ‘Van Life’, I found it surprisingly easy to just let go of most of my belongings. There were a few late night longings for my leather boots, or my Calphalon pans, but most of those ‘needs’ simply needed a redirection. Such as, now I have my 5.10 Guide Tennies, that I adore, and my GSI Outdoor cookware, that gourmets my life into awesome. My sleep setup was a whole different can of worms. For me, my bedding was one of the first things I started to invest in for my budding adult years. Down, bamboo cotton, and pillow top mattresses softly embraced my nighttime recharge so that I could conquer the next day. So, how was I going to replicate this on the road? Good thing Bryon already had this sorted out, or I may have tried attaching my mattress to the roof.

RVSuperbag 4

Our old RV Superbag lasted about 3yrs of full time overland travel with us, and countless before that with the previous owner.

Welcome to the most ridiculously practical bedding system that will uncomplicate your overland travel life into eternal bliss. The RV Superbag is the answer to your question that you probably weren’t even aware needed answering. Taking your down comforter and long loved sheets from home into your adventure mobile seems like a great idea, until you put it into action. The RV, rooftop tent, and platform bed systems are not easy things to navigate.

RVSuperbag 5First off, the tight space that was lucky enough to become your bed probably doesn’t have space for you to maneuver around, making a ‘made’ bed an impossible task. Then, I’m also guessing that the space around your mattress-like contraption, isn’t interested in beautifully draping your comforter and sheets so that all parties can enjoy equal access to warmth throughout the evening. Queue rolling yourself up like a burrito and then attempting to sneakily yank the covers back from your partner once you’ve unraveled. For us, in this camper as well as the Sportsmobile, our bed cameos as a couch or a table quite frequently. If we had to hassle with loose bedding, then finding a place to put it every time we changed things up, I would go crazy. The fact that it’s so easy to fold up this bedding, then stuff it in a sack that keeps it clean and tidy, makes my life so much easier.

RVSuperbag 6 RVSuperbag 7 RVSuperbag 8One of the best parts of the traveling vagabond lifestyle is simplicity. Shouldn’t your bed get to be included in that luxury? Well, the wonderful folks at RV Superbag did just that. Yes, it is a sleeping bag, but let me tell you why that’s awesome:

  • Your bedding is not going anywhere except if you want it to (unless you are an Olympic athlete in your sleep). The Superbag’s sheets have strips of Velcro down both sides to attach to the inside of comforter. While Velcro-ed together, you can zip the sides of the bedding up and down without catching the sheets.
  • It will fit! RV Superbag has different sizes to fit the space you have. We have a ‘Full-ish’ sized bed in our camper (L 76”, W 53.5”), and the Queen sized (L80”, W62”) Superbag fits Bryon (6’3”) and I (5’4”) great. The extra inches allow for us to slide in and not be claustrophobic, but are not too much to fall off the sides of the bed.
  • It is easy to adjust your bedding to your temperature needs. The Superbag’s comforter is actually a two in one deal. One side is labeled for ‘Summer’ with a .5oz polyester fill, and the other for ‘Winter’ with a 1oz polyester fill. For us, we usually rock ‘Summer’ side up, as it gives us some extra cushion on the bottom. Also, if you’re in a super hot climate, you can just go ahead and completely unzip one side of the comforter, and just use the sheet. They also make a ‘Tropical Half’, if you want a non-insulated cover to attach your sheets to for your zipping pleasure.
  • Laundromats will never scare your bedding again. Because you can completely unzip the two comforter halves apart, you will be able to fit in most any washing machine. Word to the wise, wash your Velcro-ed sheets separate from the rest of your clothes, as the Velcro will snag any unsuspecting Nylon. Washing the sheets with the pillowcases seems to be fine.
  • Making your bed never felt so good. All you have to do is zip up the sides, throw the pillows up top, and voila, presto, bada-bing and your non-chore-doing kid self would be proud.

RVSuperbag 9Overall, I am super pleased with everything the RV Superbag has offered my life. It brings just enough ‘home’ to my bedding for me to have all the cozy cuddles I want, while giving me overflowing practicality that makes it impossible to refuse. Looking through their brochures and on their website, it is easy to tell that RV Superbag wants you to have the BEST night’s sleep possible. They encourage you to CALL with any questions you have about measurements for your bed, or about custom orders. A company that doesn’t immediately send me to an inbox, for even a simple question, adds that extra level of customer service that makes me want to continue to support their business. P.S. They even included a hand signed ‘Thank You’ card with our new bedding.

RVSuperbag 10Side Note: Always wanted a Superhero sleeping bag? RV Superbag lets you send in your OWN FABRIC so you can have the custom bedding you always wanted!!!

(DISCLAIMER: Our first RV Superbag came with our used Sportsmobile, but our new bag was provided to Exploring Elements for review consideration.)

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