REVIEW: Leki Trigger S System

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I’ll cut right to the chase, the Leki Trigger S system is awesome! The system basically locks your ski gloves to your ski poles, in a safe way very similar to a ski binding. The benefit is a secure, less fatiguing and confident grip on your poles at all times. What you need is a Leki Trigger S equipped ski pole and either a Leki Trigger S equipped ski glove, or a Trigger S strap, which comes with the poles and works with any gloves. To engage the mechanism all you need to do is pull the loop down into the slot, it will click, and your glove and pole will be connected. To release, just push down on the large button on top of the pole with your thumb and remove your hand from the pole. Crazy simple and easy to use, and works great in all conditions.

Lets take a closer look at the Alpine Stick Trigger S Vario Carbon Poles and the Griffen Pro S Glove, which is a great all mountain combo.

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Alpine Stick Trigger S Vario Carbon Poles

MSRP: $199.95 (Older Model, but similar can be purchased HERE)

WEIGHT: 510 grams (pair)


LENGTH: 44-52″ (110-130 cm) continuously adjustable length

These might be the ultimate backcountry/travel ski poles. They are really light weight, extremely strong, crazy comfortable, super adjustable and pack incredibly small. On top of all that awesome they are also super quick and easy to adjust, or breakdown, through the use of the SpeedLock 2 mechanism. The finishing touches on this versatile ski pole are the Trigger S system and interchangeable basket options. I put a lot of resort ski days on these poles in 2015 and they held up to the abuse incredibly well.

EELekiReview 3 EELekiReview 4 EELekiReview 5The SpeedLock 2 is smaller, lighter and offers more clamping force than the original SpeedLock system.EELekiReview 6 EELekiReview 7 EELekiReview 8

Griffen Pro S Glove

MSRP: $169.95

I first looked at these gloves and thought; a little racer boy for me and they can’t be very warm. After putting in some serious days in the mountains, in some crazy cold temps, I can tell you that I was wrong! While the style is a bit racer, they look incredibly sharp and are crazy warm for their size, through the use of Hyperloft insulation and a Dry liner. I also found the dexterity to be far superior to other ski gloves I’ve used. The pre-curved fingers, goatskin body and Silicone Nash palm all combine to give you superior grip on the ski pole, while being less fatiguing than traditional gloves.

EELekiReview 9 EELekiReview 10 EELekiReview 11 EELekiReview 12 EELekiReview 13Traditional wrist strap ski poles aren’t nearly as safe or secure, which is a big deal when skiing tough lines in the trees, which I enjoy. I’m super stoked on the Leki Trigger S system and look forward to using it more on the slopes this season. I’ve been doing the powder dance, and it seems to be working this year. See you on the slopes!EELekiReview 14

(Disclaimer: I received these Leki products at an industry trade show in 2015 for review consideration.)

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