Overland Expo East 2014: The EE Experience

My main mission for the weekend was to spread as much good overland tribe mojo as possible. After that it was to get great photographs to share in an article for Expedition Portal (HERE), and do as much live coverage as possible through social media (Instagram, Twitter & FB).

EEExpoEast2014 1

Soooo many classes sooo little time! (Photo: Sarah Blessington)

The east coast Fall weather showed all her colors during the weekend with everything from hard rain, gusty strong wind and frosty mornings to beautiful sunny afternoons with white puffy clouds in the sky. The Friday rains made for a lot of interesting mud driving, including just moving the EEXP from the exhibitor area to a class location in another field. Lockers would have been nice!

Sarah and I both taught a few classes and moderated a few round table discussions during the weekend. Most of mine were focused on full size trucks and truck campers, while most of Sarah’s were about life on the road as a woman. We both had fun on the AK/Canada roundtable sharing a few lessons learned and highlights from our summer travels up north.

It is always truly inspiring to meet up with other like-minded adventurers at these events. The overland tribe is a special group that we feel privileged to be a part of. We met tons of new friends that we are sure to cross paths with again soon, and also crossed paths with so many good friends that we’ve now gotten to know over the past few years; Roseanne & Jonathan from Overland Expo, the Expedition Overland Crew, Ben from Outback Proven, Paul from Equipt, Mario from AT Overland, Jeff from Overland The World, Brendon & Shannon of Ruined Adventures, Chris at UJoint Offroad, Alan from Sportsmobile West, Clint from Motus, the Mainline Overland crew, Frank of OutdoorX4, Justin of Lucky 8 Offroad and soooo many others.

The best part of the event for both of us was meeting so many followers of our adventures. It was great to connect with all these people we have grown to know a bit through social media, and hear about what from our adventures resonates with them. It seems we have inspired more than a few people to get out and adventure, and that alone makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Overall everyone seemed extremely happy with the inaugural Overland Expo East and I’m sure that the event will only grow from this initial solid foundation. I for one am looking forward to attending more gatherings of the overland tribe, wherever they may be.

EEExpoEast2014 2

Roseanne officially welcomes everyone to the firs Overland Expo East.

EEExpoEast2014 3

Media on site.

EEExpoEast2014 4

The pond made for a dramatic morning setting for the event.

EEExpoEast2014 5

LOTS of stories shared around the campfire.

EEExpoEast2014 6

The panels for the roundtable discussions where first rate!

EEExpoEast2014 7

So much experience on the roundtable panels!

EEExpoEast2014 8

The perfect full size overland truck class. Well sorted basic F150 that gets the job done.

EEExpoEast2014 9

Lucky 8 rolled this poor Dicso over MANY times throughout the weekend demonstrating how to right a vehicle.

EEExpoEast2014 10

Four Wheel Campers had a huge display at Expo East as a presenting sponsor. The general camping was in the back nine.

EEExpoEast2014 11

This 4×4 Ambulance sleeps 2 adults and 5 kids! Nice work UJoint & HD-RV.

EEExpoEast2014 12

The Batmobile Sportsmobile is always a crowd pleaser. I’m honestly disturbed that this rig is kept this shiny!

EEExpoEast2014 13

Sportsmobile displayed the very first 4×4 Sprinter on US soil. It runs about $8K for the 4×4 option and offers about a 4″ lift over the standard Sprinter. Expect to be able to purchase one in late Spring 2015.

EEExpoEast2014 14

Variety of rigs enjoying camping together.

EEExpoEast2014 15

It almost felt like the EEXP was one of the vans πŸ˜‰

EEExpoEast2014 16

Early morning at the Exploring Elements exhibitor booth.

EEExpoEast2014 17

Aluminess makes a ton of great products for a huge variety of rigs.

EEExpoEast2014 18

4×4 vans rule!

EEExpoEast2014 19

Probably the bell of the ball was the recently upgraded UJoint V4 build with new Sherpa overland pod on the back. Yes the beer tap is required πŸ˜‰

EEExpoEast2014 20

The local Land Rover dealer came out to support the event.

EEExpoEast2014 21

The Evoque is a sharp looking little vehicle.

EEExpoEast2014 22

Lots of cool trucks to enjoy at the Land Rover Experience.

EEExpoEast2014 23

Great Divide!

EEExpoEast2014 24

The mud got slick on the Land Rover driving course!

EEExpoEast2014 25

BIG Land Rover contingent at this year’s event.

EEExpoEast2014 26

D90 softtop πŸ™‚

EEExpoEast2014 27

We had some FROSTY mornings!

EEExpoEast2014 28

My favorite rig of the show: D110- pop top, 300tdi, custom suspension, clean overland style interior, full wrap around awning system.

EEExpoEast2014 29


EEExpoEast2014 30

Super clean interior build.

EEExpoEast2014 31

This Disco4 has all the toys!

EEExpoEast2014 32

Very well appointed D110.

EEExpoEast2014 33

Super clean diesel 2 door D110 from Mainline Overland.

EEExpoEast2014 34

Taco Flip-Pac goodness.

EEExpoEast2014 35

Clean stout 60 Series Land Cruiser build.

EEExpoEast2014 36

Yep, pop top 80 series Cruiser.

EEExpoEast2014 37

Ruined Adventure’s well traveled 4 Runner.

EEExpoEast2014 38

JK and 4 Runner living in harmony πŸ™‚

EEExpoEast2014 39

XVenture Trailer booth with all the overland and outdoor goodies.

EEExpoEast2014 40

AEV appointed JK.

EEExpoEast2014 41

URSA Minor tops are just a good addition to any JK.

EEExpoEast2014 42

The mighty Earth Roamers, and their sleepy owners πŸ™‚

EEExpoEast2014 43

The Earth Cruiser is just a well sorted rig.

EEExpoEast2014 44

Lone Mog hiding in the woods with an Alaskan camper on the back.

EEExpoEast2014 45

Tiger makes some slick rigs.

EEExpoEast2014 46

The adventures of Robinson Fuso.

EEExpoEast2014 47

Has to be the largest truck camper at the event!

EEExpoEast2014 48

The well appointed Lance truck camper.

EEExpoEast2014 49

The latest XPCamper V1 built made the show. Well executed build.

EEExpoEast2014 50

Australian trailer envy! Such a sick system!!!

EEExpoEast2014 51

I think it needs some snow before it will blend in πŸ˜‰

EEExpoEast2014 52

Heavily modified Harley Davidson Sportster Dual Sport bike.

EEExpoEast2014 53

The mighty GS.

EEExpoEast2014 54

The mighty Tiger.

EEExpoEast2014 55

Really nice American made knives by LTWK.

EEExpoEast2014 56

Probably the best value in solar right now: OverlandSolar.com.

Be sure to check out my full event write up, with the best pics & rigs, over at Expedition Portal.

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