Overland Expo 2014: EEXP Debut

(Photos: Sarah Blessington & Bryon Dorr)

EEXPDebutOverlandExpo 1

Our new home fully setup for the first time.

It was an insane push to get the EEXP complete for the 2014 Overland Expo! The crew at XPCamper are second to none, and made it all come together in the 25th hour. While “everything” didn’t get done on the build in time for Expo, it did get on the road and is looking good. The original plan was to get to Expo Thursday night and be ready to show off all the awesome when the event kicked off Friday morning. In the end, we didn’t even leave the XPCamper factory until 8:34pm Thursday night, which is a 15 hr drive away from the event grounds for Overland Expo. With less than 7hrs sleep in the 72hrs previous to the big drive, Sarah and I switched off driving every 1hr or so, and put the miles behind us. We rolled into the event exhausted and excited at noon Friday. The response by all in attendance was instant and truly amazing. We love our followers and fans! You all rock, and we can’t thank you enough for getting behind all the crazy ideas and adventures that we like to commit to. The following is a short photo essay of the EEXP’s debut at Overland Expo 2014.

EEXPDebutOverlandExpo 2

The EEXP alongside the rest of the XPCamper product line, the V2 & V1.


We also wouldn’t have been able to put together such an amazing rig without the huge support from the many companies that got behind this project:

EEIntroductionEEXPGoSolPowerLogoEEXPSponsorBuckstopEEXPSponsorWarnXploreBaja_Logo_LandEEXPGeneralTireEEXPIVDSponsorEEXPPiaaSponsorEEXPHellwigEEXPHiLiftSponsorEEXPCanbyGraphicsEEXPEdgeSponsorDevil logo leftEEXPARBSponsorEEXPSponsorBushwackerLogoEEXPRotoPax

EEXPDebutOverlandExpo 3

An aerial view from the roof of the XPCamper V1. 255 watts of solar by GoSol Power keep our house fully powered up.

EEXPDebutOverlandExpo 5

Sarah needed a big fridge in order to create her amazing meals, and I needed space to keep good beer chilled. We ended up going with a 3.8 gal top load Dometic fridge.

EEXPDebutOverlandExpo 6

The EEXP features lots of exterior accessed storage for my adventure sports gear as well as camping gear and plenty of interior room for everything else you need to live comfortably every day.

EEXPDebutOverlandExpo 7

The dinette can easily fit 4+ adults comfortably. It is our entertainment room, bedroom and office all in one.

EEXPDebutOverlandExpo 8

The dinette table has a folding leaf and rotates on the center pneumatic pedestal in order to easily access all parts of the dinette seating and create more standing room in the camper.

EEXPDebutOverlandExpo 4

The bed features memory foam cushions, is a FULL size bed and offers sky views through the skylight directly over our heads.

EEXPDebutOverlandExpo 9

The Overland Expo Land Rover instructors had a good look over the EEXP before we tackled the offroad driving course.

EEXPDebutOverlandExpo 10 EEXPDebutOverlandExpo 11 EEXPDebutOverlandExpo 12 EEXPDebutOverlandExpo 13 EEXPDebutOverlandExpo 14 EEXPDebutOverlandExpo 15 EEXPDebutOverlandExpo 16 EEXPDebutOverlandExpo 17 EEXPDebutOverlandExpo 18

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