SCOOP: MAXTRAX Xtreme, Mini & Jax Base


You’re hearing it here first! Exploring Elements got the scoop on the all new additions to the MAXTRAX family. Later today MAXTRAX will unveil their latest creations to the automotive industry at the annual SEMA Show, but you get to see them all here first! They will be releasing the new Xtreme, Mini and Jax Base models, along with some quality accessories. Check out all the details on these exciting new products below.


The Xtreme is the new pinnacle product in the MAXTRAX family of recovery equipment. They are the same size, and made of the same durable fiber reinforced nylon, as the venerable MKII MAXTRAX traction boards that we all know and love, but are built with aluminum replaceable lugs for added durability and serviceability.

Born out of feedback from 4wd trainers and military clients, the new Xtreme is designed to be more durable during wheel spin. Along with the new aluminum lugs the boards are also reinforced even more in key wear areas, creating the ultimate long lasting traction boards.

The Xtreme will weigh in at about 1.5 lbs more (each) than the MKII, cost about $429 per set and be available in Spring 2018.


The Mini is designed to be easily transported and work perfectly for a wide variety of small vehicles and UTV. The perfect accessory to your small SUV or Subaru, which you regularly take off pavement and drive through all kinds of weather conditions. They are essentially a 3/5 scale MAXTRAX MKII, although they are the same width. The width allows them to work for car tires as well as the wider and wider UTV tires being offered today. Overall size is 25”x13”.

The Mini will be available in Spring 2018 for around $200 a set.


The Jax Base is essentially a Mini, but with a fully reinforced underside. The idea is to have a device that is both a great traction board and a high flotation/super stable jack base. It works great with Hi-Lift, bottle and floor style jacks.

Because the Jax Base is so reinforced, creating a super rigid and durable board, it also works great as a vehicle-leveling tool. It nests neatly behind all MAXTRAX Xtreme, MKII and Mini, which is perfect for transport and storage.

The Jax Base is sold as an individual item and should cost about $100 when available in the Spring of 2018.


A small durable carry bag for the Mini and Jax Base products will also be available this spring. Pricing is still TBD.

Axia Alloys MAXTRAX Tube Mount

Lot of great companies have created quality mounting solutions for Maxtrax, for a wide variety of applications. The latest is a full line of beautiful quality tube mounts from Axia Alloys.

The Axia Alloys MAXTRAX billet machined aluminum tube mount works in conjunction with the MAXTRAX mounting pins ($39) to fix 2 or 4 individual boards to just about any size tube, like a roll cage on a UTV or in a Jeep.

Pricing for the Axia Alloys MAXTRAX mounts start at about $130, and will hit the market in November 2017.

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