EVERYTHING Awesome from The SEMA Show 2015

It’s really hard to figure out what I should share from my experience at the annual SEMA Show. There are always SO many not so interesting and completely insane vehicles and products on display, and luckily always a few gems amongst the crowd. I figured this year I’d show you EVERY Jeep at The SEMA Show 2015 and give you an overview of the builds and products that really caught my eye. I featured the SEMA 2015: Top Off-Road Vehicles in an article for OutdoorX4 and showcased some of the cool, and not so cool, vehicles and products in my SEMA 2015 coverage in Unsealed 4×4 magazine. Below I figured I’d wrap up this year’s coverage with some of the sights from around the show and some of the interesting vehicles and products that really stood out.

EESema2015Event 1

The largest car show in the world, The SEMA Show 2015.

EESema2015Event 2

The Optima Battery 4×4 van was probably my favorite vehicle build at the show this year. This proper adventuremobile was put together by some great companies like; MG MetalworksUJoint Offroad, Sportsmobile, Aluminess and many others.

Some of the cool off-road rigs that caught my eye at The SEMA Show 2015:

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Some of the cool street vehicles that caught my eye at The SEMA Show 2015:

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Some of the most interesting gear for off-road and overland travel that I spotted at The SEMA Show 2015:

EESema2015Gear 1

Love the Wet Okole seat covers, just got a set for the EEXP, but didn’t opt for the gun holsters.

EESema2015Gear 2

I LOVE the RAM Mount XGrip Suction, been using it in the EEXP for a year now. I don’t have the new rubber piece that goes over the edges of the phone to make it completely secure though, which would be awesome for applications like a motorcycle mount, but not necessary at all in a vehicle.

EESema2015Gear 3

Pelican has finally decided to import their “Spacecase,” labeled TL case here but going to be called something else, to the US market, as they are made in Australia. Great product for overland vehicle roof rack and truck bed storage.

EESema2015Gear 4

Factor 55 has stepped up their game once again with the Ultrahook and Splicer Thimbal.

EESema2015Gear 5

Bubba Rope has taken their innovative technologies and incorporated them into a new winch line and a variety of sizes of their popular Gator Jaw soft shackles.

EESema2015Gear 6

Light Force is striving to innovate in a very competitive off-road lighting market, and their new DL230 HTX hybrid HID/LED lights are getting quite a bit of attention.

EESema2015Gear 7

PIAA has introduced some new optics and a fog specific lens on their high end innovative LED light bars, which they introduced last year. I’ve been running two 10″ hybrid pattern bars on the front of the EEXP and can attest to the quality of the light, functional light pattern and durability of this product.

EESema2015Gear 9

Warn introduced a whole new line of winch bumpers that meld perfectly with the lines of modern full size American pickups.

EESema2015Gear 10

Amanda Products demonstrated a new fully independent hydraulic suspension system that for sure turned a lot of heads. It will be interesting to see if any manufacturers pick up this technology to use in a production vehicle, like Amanda hopes will happen.

EESema2015Gear 11

These flip down roof rack access steps for the Jeep JK caught my eye from Kargo Master Safari.

EESema2015Gear 12

Pretty cool idea from Topperlift which creates a ton of living/tent space in the back of your pickup, and utilizes the space created with the tailgate down as well.

EESema2015Gear 13

Maxtrax keeps coming out with new crazy colors of their quality traction boards. While I still love the classic orange ones I run on the EEXP, I can see why others might want to have options to color match, be bright or be a little more subtle.

EESema2015Gear 14

Cummins is considering offering crate motors of their quality turbo diesel power plants. This might be the perfect solution to turn that classic off-roader into a resto-mod overland beast.

A little taste of all the crazy happenings from around The SEMA Show 2015:

EESema2015Event 3

Yep, why not hand apply thousands of dollars worth of Swarwaski crystals on a classic Porsche??? Just one of the crazy things you’ll see while walking around SEMA.

EESema2015Event 4

Wrapping cars is big these days, and there was THOUSANDS of square feet of show floor dedicated to the product, application and art of the wrap.

EESema2015Event 5

Auto industry celebrities attract big crowds to vendor booths across the show. Here Rutledge Wood, of Top Gear America fame, signs autographs after Toyota’s press conference.

EESema2015Event 6

Wayne Carini from the Discovery show “Chasing Classic Cars.”

EESema2015Event 7

The fastest woman in the world, Jessi Combs, in the Warn booth.

EESema2015Event 8

Pinstriping legend Von Hot Rod not only has sick paint skills, but is also a really good guy to hang with. Lots of people were lucky enough to get some of his custom art work on their iPhone and other personal items.

EESema2015Event 9

Booth girls have always been a part of auto industry trade shows, and SEMA is no different.

EESema2015Event 10

While this is a horrible iPhone photo, it is of a great group from the overland industry enjoying a night on the town in Vegas. Much of the real business that goes down at SEMA happens at industry parties, at the top night clubs around Vegas, each night after the convention halls close.

EESema2015Event 11

The EEXP got an inside spot at this year’s show thanks again to Hellwig Products. The adventuremobile stood out from the crowd with it’s earned off-road scars and plethora of adventure sports gear. For sure this is the cleanest the rig gets each year 🙂

EESema2015Event 12

The SEMA Cruise is open to the public and showcases nearly all the cars at SEMA as they leave the convention center. It takes MANY long hours for the thousands of custom vehicles to make their way out of the show.

EESema2015Event 13

The culmination of the show is the SEMA Ignited event, which is basically an evening car show that allows the general public to enjoy the best of The SEMA Show, which is an industry only event.

EESema2015Event 14

Big crowds, live music, food vendors and lots of smoking tires at SEMA Ignited.

EESema2015Event 15

Ford takes a select few lucky attendees on a few hot laps of the drift course at SEMA Ignited.

EESema2015Event 16

Formula D did a huge demo that was impressive in all ways. It was my first drift event, and you can count on me checking out more in the future.

EESema2015Event 17

Love this old school Metro van. The paint was insane on this rig!

EESema2015Event 18

Vegas does offer up some spectacular sunsets.

You can also check out my in-depth coverage from 2012 and 2014, as there is plenty of auto industry bling to go around!

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