EVENT: Davenport Paddle Surf Classic 2012

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Chilly early Saturday morning at Davenport Landing’s North break.

This is my second year attending the Davenport Paddle Surf Classic, held at Davenport Landing, a tough surf zone with lots of hazards and quickly changing conditions. We lucked out this year with amazing weather, although very chilly in the mornings, and some quality waves to surf, although high winds and quickly changing swell made for some REALLY tough heats. This is my 3rd stop on the Pacific Paddle Surf Series, stop 4 of 5 of the series itself as I missed the Ventura comp. Overall I’m not doing all that well in the series, but have enough points to be in contention as long as I do well at Santa Cruz in March. I managed to make semis in HP at Davenport, which landed me a 5th place of 16 in HP. I was really timid in my borrowed Valley Nemesis IC boat, due to the reef and rocks in the surf zone, and only managed a 12 of 13 in the IC category. The completion was fierce with the locals and west coast legends shredding the waves apart. As usual the podiums were topped by Jim Grossman & Dave “The Wave” Johnson, as it should be as these guys put on quite a show! I learn new things every time I surf with these guys. Guys like Tyler Lausten (TL Waveskis) once again showed off the potential of a waveski and guys like David Boehne (Infinity Surf) showed off the HUGE potential of SUP boards, even taking the King of the Wave crown. Overall it was a great weekend with the paddle surf tribe and a huge congrats/thanks goes out to the Jennings family for putting the event together and making sure it went smoothly.

Competitors meeting

A huge thanks goes out to my paddling sponsors 5.TEN and CORE Paddles. A special thank goes out to Valley Surf Kayaks for once again letting me borrow the Nemesis for the IC event and for making the awesome Rush MKII that I surf in the HP event. Quality gear gives me much more confidence in hectic surf zones!

FULL Davenport Paddle Surf Classic RESULTS

Extended FB Photo Gallery

Tyler Lausten catching some signature TL Waveski air in the morning sun at the north break at Davenport.

Dave “The Wave” Johnson finding some big sets early Saturday morning in the King of the Waves prelims.

Mehdi Amini absolutely shredding waves in his slalom boat in the IC class. This Frenchman can paddle!

Yes at the bottom of this picture is the rock island in the middle of the north break at Davenport, and yes this paddler is about to get dropped on it. Somehow turned out okay though!

Saturday’s scene even included a couple that came down and got married on the beach.

Dan Crandall and the rest of the paddlers showing some appreciation for all the hard work Geoff Jennings puts into running the contest during the Saturday night party at Swanton Berry Farm.

Local legend Dennis Judson getting it done at his home break.

Matt Hoff about to launch some air at the Davenport south break on Sunday.

David Boehne gave everyone a show all weekend. This guy rips!

Eric Conner is a charger and looked really smooth this year in his IC boat.

Jim Grossman LOVES to get shacked. BOOM!

Extended FB Photo Gallery

(Thanks to all those that helped me take pics of the comp especilly Buck Johnson.)

I always love all the cool rigs that show up at adventure sports events. I’m going to try to make an effort to showcase all the quality vehicles in my event posts from now on. Check out a few of the highlights from Davenport below.

Not 4×4, but full rhino lined with blacked out rims and bed system built out inside.

80 Series Cruiser with some nice off road parts.

VERY clean 60 Series Cruiser

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