EVENT: Overland Expo 2014

Overland Expoย 2014 is in the books and boy was it a big year for Exploring Elements. Besides trying to collect all the latest and greatest news in the overland world, catch up with all our amazing overland friends, teach a few classes and provide you with live onsite social media, we also debuted theย EEXP. Sarah and I were both BUSY! We also managed all this after only a few hrs sleep during our 15hr overnight drive to even make the event. You can read more about thatย HERE. While I didn’t take photos of nearly every rig at the event this yr, like I’ve done in the past, I’m pretty confident that I got a good overview of all the awesome this year. Enjoy the overview below and also check out all the little details that couldn’t be covered in this post: UP CLOSE Overland Expo 2014.

OverlandExpo2014 1

Epic sunsets in Mormon Lake, AZ!

OverlandExpo2014 2

The Equipt & Expedition Overland party was off the hook!

OverlandExpo2014 3

Land Rover USA showed up in style as always with a great offroad driving experience, in one of their shiny new toys or your personal rig.

OverlandExpo2014 4

I took the EEXP out on the course for it’s inaugural offroad experience. It did quite well!

OverlandExpo2014 5

Lots of quality field training at Overland Expo.

OverlandExpo2014 6

Adventuremobile come in all shapes and sizes ๐Ÿ™‚

OverlandExpo2014 7

LOTS of quality round table discussions about all things overland.

OverlandExpo2014 8

Cooking demonstrations and classes are always well attended at Expo.

OverlandExpo2014 9

I got to co-lead a class on choosing a full size truck for your overland camper with Marc from XPCamper.

OverlandExpo2014 10

Christophe Noel, of Expedition Portal, shares his knowledge about all things bike.

OverlandExpo2014 11

Cool insta tents!

OverlandExpo2014 12

Front Runner Outfitters always shows off all kinds of cool gear for your overland adventuremobile.

OverlandExpo2014 13

Life Remotely showing off all kinds of culinary overland tools, including their book “Forks in the Road

OverlandExpo2014 14

Synergy makes some great parts for all kinds of adventure rigs. I’m stoked on the steering box brace from them I have on the EEXP.

OverlandExpo2014 15

Fox Shocks is pushing hard into the Overland world.

OverlandExpo2014 16

Outback Proven brings you all the Australian overland and offroad goodness right here in America. I love my Maxtrax!

OverlandExpo2014 17

Pronghorn‘s Tacoma bumper is so new they installed a final prototype on location at Expo.

OverlandExpo2014 18

ARB USA showed off the capabilities of its Air Locker system with this badass articulation ramp trailer.

OverlandExpo2014 19

ADAK makes what looks like a very capable go anywhere high quality trailer.

OverlandExpo2014 20

AT Overland Equipment mated a 4 Wheel Camper to one of their capable little offroad trailers.

OverlandExpo2014 21

4 Wheel Campers brought this sweet custom FUSO camper to Expo. LOTS of living space in this tidy package.

OverlandExpo2014 22

AEV brought their Dodge Ram Concept rolling on 40’s, and added a 4 Wheel Camper to show its overland capabilities.

OverlandExpo2014 23

Sportsmobile brought out their new Econoline cutaway adventure van concept. The entire back is a custom fiberglass body that provides a ton more interior volume than a stock Econoline van.

OverlandExpo2014 24

Sportsmobile West is also the US distributor/builder of ATW Fuso based campers. These are impressive rigs!

OverlandExpo2014 25

The Tiger Adventure Vehicles rigs are a very cool combination between traditional RVs and expedition overland rigs.

OverlandExpo2014 26

The Malayan is the latest model to come out of Tiger Adventure Vehicles.

OverlandExpo2014 27

Phoenix Pop Up Campers makes some interesting campers that go on all sorts of different platforms. This Lil’ Burrow unit on a Jeep Rubicon was being delivered to a customer at Expo.

OverlandExpo2014 28

Hard not to enjoy the raw look of the Local Motors Rally Fighter!

OverlandExpo2014 29

Falken Tires had Overland Journal‘s clean GWagon on display.

OverlandExpo2014 30

The Overland Journal booth went with classic styling and used this Willys Jeep as the center piece.

OverlandExpo2014 31

Overland Journal also brought out one of the newest Jeeps, the AEV Brute Double Cab. Drooooooool…..

OverlandExpo2014 32

LOTS of motos at Expo this year!

OverlandExpo2014 33

How can you not smile while riding a Ural with a side car???

OverlandExpo2014 34

Classic dual sport motos where found right along side all the latest moto bling.

OverlandExpo2014 35

I love motos that get used, and Tad & Gaila’s (Overland Now) bikes see LOTS of use!

OverlandExpo2014 36

Mosko Moto is bringing outdoor adventure gear tech to the moto world.

OverlandExpo2014 37

Moto travel also comes in many shapes and sizes!

OverlandExpo2014 38

Adventure Trio‘s Sandy cooking up some bacon on her bike. Nom nom nom …. bacon…

OverlandExpo2014 39

If there is a will there is a way. Don’t forget your adventure sports gear on your next 4 wheel or 2 wheel adventure. Its good to have options ๐Ÿ™‚

OverlandExpo2014 40

I think the Nor Cal LR Club likes motos too ๐Ÿ˜‰

OverlandExpo2014 41

Very clean and original Dormobile series Land Rover. This rig turned lots of heads!

OverlandExpo2014 42

Land Rover Maya Rally goodness ๐Ÿ™‚

OverlandExpo2014 43

I have a soft spot for Defenders.

OverlandExpo2014 44

Quite a few well modded Discos at this year’s Expo as well.

OverlandExpo2014 45

This beast of a Jeep is Cummins powered. Yes please!

OverlandExpo2014 46

For sure the go to overland vehicle in North America, the Jeep Rubicon.

OverlandExpo2014 47

Mathew Scott’s Jeep Rubicon Project is a clean example of how to select quality parts that make a vehicle better.

OverlandExpo2014 48

Safari Ltd‘s troopy is a fine example of the breed.

OverlandExpo2014 49

Classic Land Cruisers are pretty rare in the states, especially high quality clean pickup examples like this by Safari Ltd.

OverlandExpo2014 50

VERY tidy 60 series Land Cruiser.

OverlandExpo2014 51

The 70 series Cruisers that we all want and just can’t have here stateside.

OverlandExpo2014 52

For sure one of my favorite rigs at Expo this year. It is a Tundra based rig with a Chinook camper grafted onto the back. Very tidy rebuilt interior and a big pass through from the cab to the camper.

OverlandExpo2014 53

FJ cruisers run in packs.

OverlandExpo2014 54

4Runners are a reliable and capable choice for an overland rig.

OverlandExpo2014 55

Lots of different versions of how to make a Tacoma into an overland rig at Expo this year.

OverlandExpo2014 56

Lexus bling. Lots of custom parts on this very clean rig.

OverlandExpo2014 57

VW Combi vans are just so cute! Love the tiny poptop on this one.

OverlandExpo2014 58

Take a classic VW Westy, soup up the engine and tow a full on Baja bug; not sure you can get more adventurous than that!

OverlandExpo2014 59

I love full size 4×4 vans and Brent Haywood Photography‘s Econoline is a very well thought out and clean example.

OverlandExpo2014 60

Awesome restored Pinzgauer with all the overland kit.

OverlandExpo2014 61

Not a traditional choice for an overland rig, but that is why this Trailblazer is cool.

OverlandExpo2014 62

Love the Rally mud flaps and snow camo RTT on this Xterra.

OverlandExpo2014 63

I’m pretty sure this Durango gets offroad ๐Ÿ™‚

OverlandExpo2014 64

Classic GWagon lines and a solid expedition camper. I don’t want to change a tire on this rig though!

OverlandExpo2014 65

You can outfit a full size American truck in so many different ways to meet your overland adventure needs.

OverlandExpo2014 66

Lots of BIG drool worthy homes on wheels in the featured vehicle area at Expo.

OverlandExpo2014 67

FUSO campers come in many shapes and sizes.

OverlandExpo2014 68

Flippak on a Mog, cool!

OverlandExpo2014 69

Very well sorted Overland Expedition Mog.

OverlandExpo2014 70

Mike from GXV brought his personal Mog, which has all kinds of cool features.

OverlandExpo2014 71

Always cool to see BIG Euro overland rigs. I believe this one was based on a MAN chassis.

OverlandExpo2014 72

Ready for the Apocalypse!

OverlandExpo2014 73

In the end, its ALWAYS about the amazing people you meet or catch up with at Overland Expo!!!


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