SNAPSHOT: CA Overland with the Toyota Tacoma XPCamper V2


Sarah and I were lucky enough to talk Marc Wassmann, owner of XPCamper, into letting us borrow his Tacoma V2 Prototype camper build for a few days of overland backcountry exploring. He wanted feedback on layout, ride and the ergonomics of all the integrated systems. We are always on the lookout for the next adventuremobile and really love the concept behind this rig. We managed to squeeze a few days out of our busy summer event and travel schedule to get out into the California backcountry for 2 days in the V2. Our loop started in Nevada City, went up near Bowman Lake and looped back through Alleghany before getting back to the XPCamper factory in Grass Valley. The route was mostly narrow dirt and gravel roads that would be passable by most high clearance 4×4 vehicles. The Tacoma V2 build held up to our abuse well and we had a blast. Sarah and I are both looking forward to getting back to this region to explore again soon. Check out my full XPCamper V2 review HERE. I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.


A huge thank you to the new DeLorme inReach SE for allowing us to track our route and for the security in knowing that we could reach out for help, even while out of cell reception. This device is the future of backcountry travel!CAXPV2 2 CAXPV2 3 CAXPV2 4 CAXPV2 5 CAXPV2 6 CAXPV2 7 CAXPV2 8 CAXPV2 9 CAXPV2 10 CAXPV2 11 CAXPV2 12 CAXPV2 13 CAXPV2 14 CAXPV2 15 CAXPV2 16 CAXPV2 17 CAXPV2 18 CAXPV2 19 CAXPV2 20 CAXPV2 21 CAXPV2 22 CAXPV2 23 CAXPV2 24 CAXPV2 25 CAXPV2 26 CAXPV2 27 CAXPV2 28 CAXPV2 29 CAXPV2 30

Review- XPCAMPER V2: The Ultimate Overland Truck Camper?

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