SEMA 2017: The Khaki Revolution

Some of the most interesting off road and overland vehicles at The SEMA Show 2017 were a khaki/sand/tan color. Put on your safari outfits, kick back and have a look at these SEMA 2017 vehicles. AEV came out swinging at this year's SEMA Show with a bunch of truly inspiring vehicles. The big … [Read more...]

The 2016 Toyota Tacoma Revealed

Photos & Words by: Robert Barlow In the modern times we live in, it’s rare for an automaker to make a groundbreaking, dare I say, “game-changing” advancement. However, while it does happen from time to time (e.g. Tesla in the Electric car field and Kawasaki’s H2R in the motorcycle field), … [Read more...]

EVENT: American Adventurist/Trasharoo Toys For Tots 2014

This was the 8th annual Toys For Tots Off Road Toy Drive, located at Camp Pendleton this year. The event was sponsored by Trasharoo and American Adventurist, and supported by the overland and off road communities. The event is a Fri-Sun camping weekend at the Lake O'Neill campground on the military … [Read more...]

SNAPSHOT: CA Overland with the Toyota Tacoma XPCamper V2

Sarah and I were lucky enough to talk Marc Wassmann, owner of XPCamper, into letting us borrow his Tacoma V2 Prototype camper build for a few days of overland backcountry exploring. He wanted feedback on layout, ride and the ergonomics of all the integrated systems. We are always on the lookout for … [Read more...]