REVIEW: Waterproof iPhone Cases

All phone cases are not created equal, especially when you're talking about waterproof cases. In this review I look at a bunch of the top iPhone cases on the market that are rated for full water submersion. While most of these cases are designed specifically for the the iPhone 4/4s, many will work … [Read more...]

EVENT: CKS Paddlefest 2014

CKS Paddlefest 2014 This year my Colorado WW tour was short, but man was it a good time! Got to catch up with a ton of good friends that I hadn't seen in ages and get in a few days of paddling on the cold Colorado Rivers. The only event I managed to attend this year, with my crazy northern … [Read more...]

EVENT: Santa Cruz Paddle Fest 2013

3/22-24/2013 Another amazing weekend of surf kayaking at the Lane with the surf kayak tribe from all over the world. A huge thanks to all the organizers, ASU & Dennis Judson for keeping this event alive and thriving. Such a special place and gathering point for amazing people. This year … [Read more...]