Vehicles of Overland Expo 2013: VANS


The EE Sportsmobile arrived early to Expo this year and staked out a spot in the featured vehicle area.

I figured I’d start this year’s Overland Expo coverage with a little van adventure mobile goodness. It is always awesome to check out the wide variety of van based adventure overland rigs that come to Expo each year. Of course the big Ford 4×4 vans are near and dear to my heart, but the well designed little VW vans are great as well. Sprinters, ambulance conversions and little Japanese vans all have been modified for adventure travel as well. Check out the van awesome below and stay tuned for all the other amazing overland rigs that showed up to Expo this year.


This stealth Sportsmobile even rocked some Batman logos:)


Sportsmobile’s company orange rig is always one of my favorites.


It was awesome watching the big vans tackle the advanced recovery & driving course.


It takes some custom work to the suspension, but big vans can flex:)


Sometimes you just need some clearance to transport your tribe.


You don’t necessarily need 4×4 to find adventure.


Very well-traveled ambulance build with the trusty 7.3L Diesel under the hood. These rigs are built strong and have tons of living space.


The extended roof is a nice touch on this ambo conversion.


Solid rig.


The VW vans come in many shapes and colors.


Dokas are cool.


How can you go wrong with an orange Syncro?


Oldschool is cool!


Euro style. Lots of living space for such a small rig.


The “Cockroach” 1991 Mitsubishi L300/Delica 4×4 van has traveled all over the world. Be sure to check out its adventures in Pablo & Anna’s new book.


Outside Van Sprinters are well designed for adventure.

I know I wasn’t able to take pics of all the vans at the show, but I tried to highlight a good variety of the cool stuff I found. Stay tuned for the MANY other cool adventure rigs I came across at Overland Expo 2013.

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