Vehicles of Overland Expo 2013: TOYOTA


The fabled badge known for quality & reliability world-wide.

Toyota was out in force at Overland Expo 2013. I think almost every type of 4×4 Toyota was in attendance, except the venerable Hilux. The Tacoma and 80 Series Land Cruisers were for sure the most plentiful. From stock to heavily modified overland expedition rigs, they were all there. It is hard to beat the build quality, reliability and international availability of parts for 4×4 Toyota vehicles when considering an overland vehicle platform. Check out all the Toyota action below. I’m sure I missed a few fine examples, but this is a pretty good overview of the quality Toyota rigs in attendance.


Jonathan Hanson, one of Expo’s founders, rides in style.


Small tough truck and a light weight camp. Great way to get out there & explore!


Australia gets all the cool trucks! Outback Proven brings in to the US all the cool gear to go on it.


Not something you get to see often enough in the US. Listen up Toyota, bring us small diesel motors in the US!!!


60 Series with all the nice bits, including a diesel power plant.


Overland Journal‘s Prado is such a clean rig, but has to be registered in Canada.


The fabled 70 Series Troopy that every US overland Toyota enthusiast wishes they could have.


The Overland Nomads 80 series “Hank The Tank.” A well sorted rig that gets the job done. It treated Anthony & I well on the Maya Rally, so well we managed the win.


Sierra Expeditions 80 Series has all the cool kit. Look at that ground clearance!


Nice 80 Series with lots of Slee-Offroad parts is a very clean build.


If you need more room in your 80 Series, which you probably do, then Camptek has the answer.


Ironman 4×4 has some nice parts to build a clean 100 Series.


Pure overland class, Bundu Gear‘s Lexus build.


Don’t forget the capable 4 Runner when looking at adventure rigs. Icon Vehicle Dynamics built this VERY offroad capable rig.


The FJ has found its way into the hearts of many, but you might need a trailer to carry your gear. Such a tiny truck! Overland XT


If you pack quality light weight gear, like Nemo Tents, than the FJ is fully capable of taking you on your next overland adventure.


The Taco keeps getting bigger, so why not take advantage of that size and optimize your overland living space. The XPCamper V2 is your answer, and it comes off easy to give you a sweet flatbed truck to get things done around the house.


Four Wheel Campers also came out with a flatbed style truck camper that they introduced at Expo that fits nicely on the Tacoma platform.


The Hansen’s JATAC project is a well thought out overland rig.


X Overland is just finishing off their Tacoma build for season 2 of their web TV series. This truck has the best of everything!


TacoDoc and the ladies and gents over at American Adventurist like their Tacos with Flip-Pac Campers.


The Iron Pig Offroad Taco is a beast!

I already showed you the awesome VANS & LAND ROVERS from Overland Expo and now the Toyotas. Stay tuned for LOTS more overland vehicle action coming soon.

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