Vehicles of Overland Expo 2013: LAND ROVER


Land Rover Las Vegas always has a big presence at Expo and their sweet Forward Control is always a crowd pleaser.

I have a major soft spot for Land Rovers, and the drool factor at Overland Expo each year with the amazing examples always leaves me thirsty for more. I still think a Defender 130 station wagon with a manual transmission and modern diesel is the ultimate overland vehicle. Now if only I could find one for reasonable money that I could register in the US! I’m sure I missed a few quality examples at Expo this year, but the sweet rigs below should give you a good taste of the Land Rover awesome that you missed if you weren’t able to attend.


Defenders Northwest showed up with this very clean Defender 130 quad cab. It might even still be for sale if you’re in the market.


More Land Rover awesome from LRLV. SOLID D130 quad cab.


Benjy from Cornwall 2 Cape Horn showed up with his well traveled D110. Be sure to follow his global adventures.


Very clean D110 that is ready for overland travel.


Shiny newish D110 with the latest gadgets from Baja Rack. I have to say I like the puma hood:)


Defenders are just iconic rigs!


Probably the meanest looking D110 pickup I’ve ever seen. Full exterior cage with big tires and a big lift.


Very well-built D90 diesel wagon. Can’t go wrong with a green Defender!


Probably one of the nicest and most expensive D90’s in the world. Yes there is a super charger under the hood and yes it travels in style in the double-decker trailer, with its matching trailer, behind the huge luxury motorhome.


Camel Trophy bridge building at Expo was fun to watch. It’s awesome to see Land Rovers in action.


High Trail Expeditions taught a bunch of courses in the advanced driving and recovery area at Expo with their D90 demonstrating how its done.


Classic series Land Rovers with the Dormobile flip tops.


Factory fresh modern Land Rovers are fully offroad capable as well, even the Range Rover Sport Autobiography. The little Evoques even did pretty well.


Probably one of the best modern overland rigs the LR3 and LR4. If only we could get them with the diesel option here in the states. Used LR3 are probably also one of the best offroad/overland bargains on the market today.


The classic Disco is still a favorite of many Land Rover enthusiasts.


NW Overland with their sweet little Disco base camp.


Built Discos just look sexy!


Any Land Rover in orange is okay in my book;)


Even more awesome from the good people at LRLV. Camel Trophy Disco and a very well sorted RR Classic LWB.

I started this year’s coverage with the awesome VANS and now the Rovers. Stay tuned for MUCH more overland vehicle awesome and Expo coverage coming soon!

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