Vehicles of Overland Expo 2013: JEEP


Jeep adventures come in all shapes and forms. Check out this sweet little home-made camping trailer!

Jeeps are part of American culture and the newest 4 door iterations have taken the offroad and overland markets by storm. The latest JK Rubicon editions are VERY capable machines right off the assembly line. The updated interior and new V6 power plant offer a level of refinement never before seen in a Jeep. Check out the wide variety of Jeep based vehicles that showed up to Overland Expo 2013 this year. I would have liked to see more Cherokee based rigs in attendance, but just about every other type of Jeep was there.


I think this campsite is missing the kitchen sink;)


Yep, that’s a LS motor under the hood:)


The Willy’s Overland. A drool worthy classic with modern amenities like an LS motor, Warn winch, Front Runner rack & roof top tent.


The AEV Brute is a badass little truck, especially this one with a 4BT diesel Cummins motor.


The Brute gives you the capabilities of an AEV Jeep Wrangler in truck from.


Mountain Khakis is on the road across America in a Brute Double Cab.


Mickey Thompson knows how to set up a Jeep.


The Rigid Industries JK is ready for adventure.


The JK doesn’t have much room to sleep inside, so a trailer with RTT isn’t a bad idea at all.


The Ubercon by AEV, Adventure Trailer & Nemo is one of the nicest JK’s I’ve ever seen.


Adventure Trailer‘s company JK is tricked out with the latest AT overland gear. Be sure to have Mario run you through the interior features of this thing if you get the chance.


The JK’s even tackled the offroad course. This one got high centered, I think on purpose as part of a class, and had to be pulled off the berm.


Do you love the Jeep Wrangler JK Rubicon 10th Anniversary edition as much as Expedition Portal? It’s a cool ride, but I’m not sold due to the tiny interior, non diesel power plant and the steep price tag.

You’ve now seen the VANS, LAND ROVERS, TOYOTAS & Jeeps from Overland Expo 2013. The big rigs, other misc. rigs & motos are still to come. Stay tuned!

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