Vehicles of Overland Expo 2013: BIG RIGS


This was the year of the Mog at Expo for sure.

The big rigs had a big presence at Overland Expo 2013 with the Unimogs taking center stage with a big display/gathering at the center of the vendor area. The big trucks dropped a lot of jaws with their sheer size, plethora of features, luxury amenities and price tags. It is hard to define “big rigs,” but for my coverage of Overland Expo it refers to any rig that is based on a full size US pickup or larger. These rigs would have a tough time on many small third world city streets or your local tight offroad trail. Enjoy the big overland expedition rigs below.


New Mogs are BIG and packed with accessory options.


Old school Mog in orange and very well sorted for offroad overland travel.


Ex-Military Mogs make great overland vehicle platforms.


Mogs aren’t cheap! This one is ready for adventure and is probably a steel at only $49K.


Bam Bam, the racing Mog, by Couch Offroad must have super powers!


Global Xpedition Vehicles brough their new Fuso based overland rig to Expo. Very slick fully hard sided design with lots of luxury amenities.


Earth Cruisers are well-built well traveled Australian machines.


This home-built Fuso based rig was really fun to watch tackle the offroad course. The bed with truck camper actually articulated really well.


RV trailer Fuso combo. Looks like it works well:)


Nitro Gear & Axle has a sweet 4×4 RV setup.


Global Xpedition Vehicles also brought the Turtle Edition, which looks like a really durable rig.


Tiger Siberian is a monster sized rig.


Tiger Malayan is a new “small” expedition camper model introduced at Expo.


Tiger has been making quality rigs based on US full-sized pickups for quite a while.


Earth Roamer are tough BIG trucks based on Ford F550.


It was awesome to finally see an Earth Roamer tackle the offroad course. It actually tackled the obstacles really well!


Lots of Earth Roamers showed up at Expo this year. If you get a chance be sure to check out the amazing luxury interior of these rigs.


Custom Cummins diesel Ford camper from Brazil. Travessia das Americas


XPCamper V1s are really cool flatbed truck campers that work on full size pickups.


BIG truck that was fun to watch tackle the offroad course. Seems like a solid build.


Lots of basic truck campers showed up this year to Expo. This is Enrique‘s well traveled rig, as he just got back from Central America.


This ex-military rig has a very nice custom build out and was for sale. More info check out the article on Expediton Portal HERE.


Wolf’s Duece was a blast to watch articulate through the offroad course.


Why not bring your house on the road and have your expedition bike in your mobile garage?


Old buses are great travel rigs. I like the moto rack on the front of this one.

You’ve now see the cool VANS, LAND ROVERS, TOYOTAS, JEEPS and now the Big Rigs from Overland Expo 2013. Stay tuned for all the other cool overland toys coming soon.

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