OVERLAND EXPO 2016: Top 50 Off-Road Adventuremobile

Trail Worthy Vehicles From Overland Expo 2016

I’ve already shared with you the Homes on Wheels and Hot Overland Gear from Overland Expo 2016. It’s now time to check out the “smaller” overland rigs that can truly take you to those remote, off the beaten path, destinations of your dreams. Below are my picks for the top 10 trail sized overland adventuremobile from Overland Expo 2016, another 40 cool rigs that I know you’d want to check out and some bonus adventure motorcycle awesome.

Top 10 Trail Sized Overland Adventuremobile:

OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-11. What is not to like about this 1983 diesel (OM 602 TD) powered GWagon on portals??? Truly impressive vehicle built by Couch Offroad Engineering.OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-22. This custom Cummins powered GWagon ambulance is truly ready for adventure, and was built by Mastodon Motor Company.OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-33. The bell of the ball was this just delivered 1978 International Scout, built by Anything Scout for Nemo Equipment. The fully refurbished Scout body is mated to a Jeep JK frame, with AEV suspension and an LS3 power plant. The attention to detail, and high quality competent choices, on this build are second to none. Quality does come at a price though, as this build will set you back about $100K.OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-44. This 2006 TD42TI GU Nissan Patrol coil cab ute with a custom built camper body on the tray from Australia has already traveled much of the globe. Check out Globatrol.com for all the details on this impressive vehicle build and its travels.OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-55. It was so refreshing to see this early Icon 4×4 FJ43 build being used off-road. The AT Overland Equipment trailer was a nice touch.OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-66. Lou, from Restop, built this quality overland Tacoma, which sports the prototype AT Overland Equipment Tacoma Habitat system.OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-77. Adventure Driven‘s Lexus GX470, better known as Sexy Lexy, is one of the finest off-road/overland vehicles I’ve ever seen. The rig has every piece of equipment you could want to go anywhere, get back safe, enjoy the experience along the way and around camp. This amazing rig is currently for sale. Asking price is $78,500.OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-88. This pop-top Land Cruiser 80 series was built out by its young owner Lucas, who is currently driving it to South America.OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-99. Xpedition Outfitters F150 is a beautiful full size truck build that is truly ready for a life of adventure.OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-1010. Sub Compact Culture‘s Teal Terror Suzuki Sidekick is a prime example of thinking outside the box, and making a truly capable and comfortable overland rig, out of the most unlikely platform. I’ve seen this little rig in action, and there is little it can’t accomplish.

40 More Awesome Trail Sized Overland Adventuremobile:

It was really hard to pick only 50 of my favorite rigs to share, as there were sooooo many cool rigs at Overland Expo 2016 this year. I chose the rigs below based on trying to show you the most diverse cross section I could from the event, as I’m always amazed at the variety of vehicle platforms people build out for their adventures. If you were at the show and your rig didn’t make the list, please don’t be mad. I really did have to cut out a bunch of really cool rigs.

OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-11Land Rover Las Vegas Land Rover Forward Control 101OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-12A2A Expedition Land Rover Defender 130 Double Cab
OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-13Baja Rack Land Rover Defender 110OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-14OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-15OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-16Land Rover Las Vegas Land Rover LWB Range Rover ClassicOverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-17OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-18OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-19OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-20OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-22Sackwear Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 TroopyOverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-21ARB Toyota Land Cruiser J74OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-23 OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-24 OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-25Overland Bound Toyota Land Cruiser 80 SeriesOverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-26Hema Maps Toyota Land Cruiser BJ74 and Land Cruiser 1VD-FTV V8 Turbo Diesel 200 SeriesOverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-27 OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-28Sierra Expeditions Toyota 4RunnerOverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-29 OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-30 OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-31All-Pro Offroad “Black Betty” Build- ’08 Toyota Tacoma with solid axels on 40″ tiresOverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-32Equipt Expedition Outfitters Toyota TundraOverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-33 OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-34Yeti Built 1997 Jeep WranglerOverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-35 OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-36 OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-37 OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-38 OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-39 OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-40 OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-41Adventurist Life 2003 Subaru ForesterOverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-42 OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-43 OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-44 OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-45 OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-46 OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-47 OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-48 OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-49BDS Suspension Chevrolet ColoradoOverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-50AEV Dodge Ram Prospector Edition

BONUS- Adventure Motorcycle Awesome:

I’ve got a serious off-road motorcycle travel itch right now, and there were so many different motorcycles built for overland travel at Overland Expo 2016. Which moto would you take on an extended overland journey, that included quite a bit of off-road travel?

OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-51 OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-522 Ride The World BMW F800GS and F1200GSAOverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-53 OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-54 OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-55 OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-56 OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-57 OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-58 OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-59 OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-60CSC Motorcycles RX3OverlandExpo2016TrailRigsExploringElements-61C90 Adventures Honda C90

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