Top 10 (and more) HOT New Products at Overland Expo 2013

I know I wasn’t able to shoot every vendor or exhibitor at Expo, as there where lots and my time was spread thin everywhere. For a full listing of the exhibitors and vendors from Overland Expo 2013 click: HERE. Hopefully you can get a good idea of the awesome products and companies that support the overland community from the photos below. I’ll start with Exploring Element/s top 10 new products from Expo and then show you a gallery with tons of other cool stuff.


1. XPCamper V2

A lightweight composite flatbed truck camper designed for midsized trucks like the Toyota Tacoma. The V2 just made it to Expo, and was in full prototype form, but impressed the crowds with its innovative features and slick looks. (BIG story on the V2 coming soon on Exploring Elements)

2. Pronghorn Overland Gear Front End System

Pronghorn debuted their very slick new bumper system for the Jeep JK Wrangler (’07 and newer) at Expo. The system is aluminum which makes it light, rust proof and extremely strong in this build. It has 18 different configurations and can be set up exactly to your liking.DSC_0964

3. Global Xpedition Vehicles Pangea-LT

This Fuso based rig is unique in that it has a fully hard sided pop-up design, making it secure, resilient to the elements and containerable for shipping. You also get the high-end quality components and amenities that you expect from GXV, and a pass through from the cab.DSC_0944

4. Four Wheel Camper Fleet Flatbed

What does everyone want from their truck camper? More space! With the new flatbed models from Four Wheel Camper you get just that from a company that has had campers all over the world for many years. (More info: Truck Camper Magazine)

5. Tiger Adventure Vehicles Malayan

Tiger makes some very cool overland capable rigs and now offer this smaller version of their huge Siberian. The amenities, quality construction and pass through are what really set this rig apart from the competition.DSC_1209

6. Viajos 4x4x4 Book: Around the World in 10 Years

Pablo & Anna having been traveling in the “Cockroach” for over 13 years and have been there and seen that. Learn from their experiences and enjoy the well told stories in their new book, available in both Spanish and English. (Buy HERE)DSC_0980

7. Snow Peak Shelter/Iron Grill Table/Cushions

Japanese style and functionality shines through in all Snow Peak products. With this setup you can enjoy a bug free, skylit and comfortable meal. These products must be really new, as they aren’t even on the company’s website yet!DSC_1308

8. Front Runner Slimline II Roof Rack System

An upgraded version of one of the best expedition roof racks available. The Slimline II is a modular roof rack system that allows you to securely attach your gear to most vehicles. The solid construction, versatility and accessory options are what really set this rack apart. Front Runner set up this huge tent dedicated to just showing off the different options and configurations of the Slimline II.DSC_1217

9. Columbia Overland

While Columbia Overland has been around for some time now they are now under different ownership, and forging into the broader overland market. They offer products from established names like Front Runner, Baja Rack, National Luna, ARB and Eezi-Awn while also building their own quality products like dual battery trays, rock sliders, skid plates and more. They are revamping their website and picking up quality brands and products like Hutchinson Wheels, SureAqua and the DeLorme InReach SE device. Keep an eye out for these guys to take the overland market by storm.

10. Autohome American Camp Chair

This new chair is being made in the US and distributed through Autohome USA. It is really well-built and pretty comfortable. It for sue brings a new level of class and style to your overland campsite. (Expedition Portal Review)

By now I think you probably have a good idea of how awesome Overland Expo 2013 really was after seeing: VANS, LAND ROVERS, TOYOTAS, JEEPS, BIG RIGS, OTHER COOL RIGS, MOTOS and now the vendors/exhibitors. Stay tuned for a final wrap up report coming soon on Exploring Elements.

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