SNAPSHOT: Lockhart Basin Rd

The Lockhart Basin Rd is the longest "difficult" Jeep trail in the Moab area, at 57+ miles long. It can be done in one long day, but our group tackled it over two days. We did this trip just after Overland Expo 2014, and made our way through the spectacular Valley of the Gods on the way. Our group … [Read more...]

EEXP: Does it Measure Up?

One of the first pieces I wrote about the EEXP was "Why?" In this article I laid out all of my round the world overland vehicle requirements. After traveling in the EEXP for over 3 months now, I feel like it is time to give you a first impression of how the rig is measuring up to the initial design … [Read more...]

Overland Expo 2014: EEXP Debut

(Photos: Sarah Blessington & Bryon Dorr) It was an insane push to get the EEXP complete for the 2014 Overland Expo! The crew at XPCamper are second to none, and made it all come together in the 25th hour. While "everything" didn't get done on the build in time for Expo, it did get on the … [Read more...]

EEXP: Why?

The reality is that I couldn’t find a rig that met my criteria for a RTW overland adventure rig, at least with a reasonable price tag. While I’ve really enjoyed the van life for the past 2+ yrs, my Sportsmobile just wasn’t right for me in a number of ways. After tons of research, discussion with … [Read more...]

EEXP: An Introduction

The EEXP Project: Exploring Elements has commenced construction of its new overland adventure vehicle in partnership with XPCamper. The EEXP is being built on a 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 ext cab short bed Cummins diesel 4x4 chassis. This chassis was selected because of its diesel power plant, which has … [Read more...]