SNAPSHOT: Lockhart Basin Rd

The Lockhart Basin Rd is the longest "difficult" Jeep trail in the Moab area, at 57+ miles long. It can be done in one long day, but our group tackled it over two days. We did this trip just after Overland Expo 2014, and made our way through the spectacular Valley of the Gods on the way. Our group … [Read more...]

SNAPSHOT: CA Overland with the Toyota Tacoma XPCamper V2

Sarah and I were lucky enough to talk Marc Wassmann, owner of XPCamper, into letting us borrow his Tacoma V2 Prototype camper build for a few days of overland backcountry exploring. He wanted feedback on layout, ride and the ergonomics of all the integrated systems. We are always on the lookout for … [Read more...]

SNAPSHOT: Black Rock Desert Overland Adventure

This is a small photo essay about 6 friends in 4 offroad overland rigs having a little adventure from the general areas of Truckee, CA to the Blackrock Desert, NV at the end of April 2013. I can say that good times were had by all:) I'm going to let the pictures do the story telling with this … [Read more...]

XPCAMPER V2: The Ultimate Overland Truck Camper?

The XPCamper V2 debuted at Overland Expo and created quite a buzz. Before the prototype was disassembled, for final production, I managed to snag the keys and take it on a little adventure in the California mountains. I picked up the Toyota Tacoma based rig at the XPCamper factory in Grass Valley, … [Read more...]

Top 10 (and more) HOT New Products at Overland Expo 2013

I know I wasn't able to shoot every vendor or exhibitor at Expo, as there where lots and my time was spread thin everywhere. For a full listing of the exhibitors and vendors from Overland Expo 2013 click: HERE. Hopefully you can get a good idea of the awesome products and companies that support the … [Read more...]