Written by: Bobby "The Dogg" Miller The Lower Meadow has a reputation for being one of the most dangerous runs in West Virginia. The rocks on this river have been weathered down over the years, creating severe undercuts and siphons. At 125 feet/mile, there are plenty of steeper runs out there but … [Read more...]

EVENT: Allen De Mayo 2012   -Please follow this LINK to the EVENT overview and photo gallery that I did for Canoe & Kayak Magazine.   -FULL Photo Gallery HERE on FB. Allen Satcher 11/10/1982-8/7/2011 I met Allen Satcher for the first time in Banks, ID. He was … [Read more...]

RIVER: Trout Creek, WA

General Info: This is a NW Class V classic that can be run in anywhere from 45 min to 2 hrs depending on water, put in and paddling group. It is a steep continuous run that has many pinning hazards and the possibility for wood. If you enjoy steep continuous ww that requires lots of technical moves … [Read more...]

EVENT: NWCC 2012 Canyon Creek Race

4/22/12 Canyon Creek is such a good river to paddle and offers a pretty spectacular race course. Access is an issue for spectators and non class V boaters, as seen by the finish timers this year. This year I passed on racing in favor of documenting … [Read more...]

EVENT: NWCC 2012 EFL Race Day

4/21/12 I made the big trip up from Cali back to the NW in order to attend one of the most fun local kayak gatherings of the year, the Northwest Creek Comp. This is a 2 day event with a different race each day. On Saturday … [Read more...]