JOY! Seeing The WW World Through a Child’s Eyes

JOY! Seeing The Whitewater World Through a Child's Eyes Words: Bobby Miller / Photos: Bobby Miller, Melissa Miller, Annie Aldrich & Bryon Dorr / Videos: Bobby Miller & Brett Mayer “Live for the journey, not the destination.” The splash of the water, the pull of the current, the thrill … [Read more...]

A Quick Pit Stop in The Van Life (Sarah wanted to sing me this amazing song before I left for my trip up north.) Sarah Blessington and I have set up camp in Maryland for a few months to organize life and try to refill the bank accounts. In total we will be here for about 3 months, but … [Read more...]

Did You Order The Code Red! :by “The Dogg”

Story: Bobby "The Dogg" Miller / Photos: Bailey Masters You're damn right I did! The Delaware Water Gap is home to some of the best waterfalls in the Mid-Atlantic and is always an exciting destination to visit. The Water Gap gained popularity around the turn of the century when Hornbecks and … [Read more...]


Written by: Bobby "The Dogg" Miller The Lower Meadow has a reputation for being one of the most dangerous runs in West Virginia. The rocks on this river have been weathered down over the years, creating severe undercuts and siphons. At 125 feet/mile, there are plenty of steeper runs out there but … [Read more...]

DISCOVERED: Congo The Grand Inga Project

I was lucky enough to attend the world premiere of the Congo film in SLC at the Outdoor Retailer trade show in August. The event and film where both truly amazing. The vibe and energy in the theater at the premiere was just a special thing to be a part of. WW expedition royalty was in attendance in … [Read more...]