EVENT: Winter OR 2015

Winter Outdoor Retailer 2015 was chocked full of new exciting gear for the traveler, winter sports enthusiast and for¬†everyone who just loves to explore the great outdoors. Check out my Top 10 Camping Gear post on OutdoorX4, Sarah's Top 10 Gear for the Overland Lady Life and some of the other really … [Read more...]

EVENT: Winter OR 2013- Wrap Up

Winter Outdoor Retailer 2013 was a gear junkies wet dream. There was so much outdoor and adventure sports goodness at the show it was really tough to take it all in. I first took you behind the curtain of the All Mountain Demo, then revealed the hottest new Snow Sports Gear, followed by the Survival … [Read more...]

EVENT: Winter OR 2013- Misc. Awesome Gear

There was so much awesome stuff to check out at this year's Winter Outdoor Retailer show. I already brought you behind the scenes at the All Mtn Demo, shared the TOP 10 Snow Sports Gear & the TOP 10 Survival Products. Now its time to share all the other cool products that just didn't fit in … [Read more...]

EVENT: Winter OR 2013- Top 10 Survival Products

All sorts of survival gear was shown at Winter OR this year. Many are companies that were started to do good during the many disasters that have happened over the past few years, both natural and otherwise. Others are just people trying to supply all the people with their doomsday bunkers and zombie … [Read more...]