Nope, Toyota didn't reveal the next generation Land Cruiser or FJ Cruiser that we all hoped for today at the NY Auto Show. They did however release the FT-4X, or “Future Toyota” Four-Wheel Drive Crossover, concept vehicle, which is an adventure focused small SUV that should have broad … [Read more...]

UP CLOSE: Land Cruiser Heritage Museum

On my recent visit to the Land Cruiser Heritage Museum on the Toyota Ever-Better Expedition, which you can read about HERE, it was hard to take in all the awesome in such a short period of time. Because of this, I took some event coverage style photos and some shots of the Land Cruisers from the … [Read more...]

EVER BETTER EXPEDITION: Land Cruiser Heritage Museum

I had the extreme honor to visit the Land Cruiser Heritage Museum, as well as enjoy a private tour and catered dinner, on the Toyota Ever-Better Expedition's recent stop in Salt Lake City, UT. The day started on the Bonneville Salt Flats International Speedway, which I wrote about HERE, and ended at … [Read more...]

EVER BETTER EXPEDITION: Bonneville Salt Flats The Toyota Ever Better Expedition is all about finding ways to improve Toyota vehicles through real world testing and consumer interactions. The idea is to get US and Japanese Toyota team members, including engineers, designers and the like, to get seat … [Read more...]


This is a photo essay of FJ Summit 9, which was held in Ouray, CO from July 15-19 2015. For the full story on the event read my coverage on OutdoorX4 Online: FJ Summit 9. To check out some of the friendly faces from around this year's event see my FB Album: Faces of FJ Summit 9. A HUGE thanks to the … [Read more...]