BRINE LINE: Diamond in the Rough

The Diamond in the Rough: Exploring the Brine Line of Great Falls of the Potomac By: Bobby "The Dogg" Miller (For laughs and context be sure to click on the embedded links. You won't be disappointed.) Far from most paddlers’ minds, and tucked away in a hidden slot canyon, the Brine Line … [Read more...]

A DOGG TALE: Putting the Party in the Braap!

By: Bobby “The Dogg” Miller WARNING: If a splat in a Party Braap lasts for more than 4 hours, please contact your doctor. (Disclaimer: Exploring Elements has no formal relationship with Liquidlogic Kayaks, and received no compensation of any kind for the publication of this article. The … [Read more...]

A RIVER ON FIRE: First Annual Cuyahoga Falls Race

A River On Fire! The First Annual Cuyahoga Falls Race Words By: Bobby "The Dogg" Miller Photos: Matt Jackson & Stephen Mule In 1969, the Cuyahoga River actually caught on fire from years of pollution and industrial waste that had been dumped in the river. This horrific event sparked a … [Read more...]

EVENT: First Annual Muddy Creek Race

by: Bobby "The Dogg" Miller Tucked away in the farm country of Pennsylvania, Muddy Creek flows through a beautiful little gorge with fun whitewater that will delight and surprise the unsuspecting paddler who ventures to this area. Meandering along at the putin, the creek looks like a relaxing … [Read more...]

RED CREEK: Passing on the Stoke

Passing on the Stoke to the Next Generation: Red Creek by: Bobby "The Dogg" Miller One of the most rewarding things that an experienced paddler can do is pass along the love of a new run to the next generation. I have had the opportunity to do this a lot lately since my stepson, Bailey … [Read more...]