EVENT: OEX 2012- Vans

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYYQMj_Jm9s Vans designed for living and driving in harsh conditions are just plain cool! Even next to $300,000+ overlanding rigs the Vans still get lots of oohs and aahs. They are also near and dear to me as I currently live full time out of an E350 EB 4x4 … [Read more...]

EVENT: OEX 2012- Vendors

Expanded Photo Gallery HERE on FB There where really a plethora of vendors at the Overland Expo that ranged from small tools to check your engine belt wear all the way up to $400,000 massive overland vehicles. If you couldn't find something in the vendor area to drool over, make that lots of … [Read more...]