REVIEW: All Underwear is Not Created Equal!

Yes these are photos of my well used collection of boxers. Yes they are clean! I got hooked on high quality technical underwear about 7 years ago when a girlfriend bought me a pair as a gift, the blue pair of Patagonia boxers with surfing squirrels on them that I still have, and wear, today. I … [Read more...]

The HUGE Creek Boat REVIEW

There are a lot of boats on the market today that fit into the “creek boat” category. My aim with this creek boat review is to give you a a good overview of the market today and a personal experience comparison that is as unbiased a review as you can get in the paddle sports market. I currently have … [Read more...]

REVIEW: Pelican 1300 Case vs. Watershed Ocoee Bag

The best 2 ways to carry camera gear in any watersports environment are with a Watershed bag or a Pelican case. Both of these products are used by media professionals around the world to protect sensitive gear from the elements. (I have a “Team Watershed” bag because I bought a booth sample at a … [Read more...]


Over that past year I have tried out a good selection of paddle pogies in the cold water and weather of the Pacific Northwest. Most of my testing has been creeking on the local OR and WA creeks, but some high water playboating, surf kayaking, and flat-water workouts were also involved. I also … [Read more...]