SNAPSHOT: Mastodon Motor Company

Mastodon Motor Company Mastodon specializes in Mercedes G-Wagons, but offering all sorts of unique and sought after vehicles from around the globe. They import these vehicles and bring them to their Denver, CO workshop to perform everything from quick cosmetic cleanups to full ground up custom … [Read more...]

SNAPSHOT: Couch Off Road Engineering

Unimog nirvana can be found in Denver, CO, at Couch Off Road Engineering! Couch specializes in parts and builds for Mercedes Unimog and G-Wagon vehicles. They do everything from restorations to full custom builds, which will truly blow your mind. The company founder, Jay Couch, is a Mog expert, … [Read more...]

Vehicles of Overland Expo 2013: OTHER COOL RIGS

More amazing overland rigs from Overland Expo 2013! There are so many cool rigs out there that people have modified for overland travel that don't fit into the categories already talked about (Vans, Land Rovers, Toyotas, Jeeps & Big Rigs). This post is to highlight those other options that you … [Read more...]