SNAPSHOT: CA Overland with the Toyota Tacoma XPCamper V2

Sarah and I were lucky enough to talk Marc Wassmann, owner of XPCamper, into letting us borrow his Tacoma V2 Prototype camper build for a few days of overland backcountry exploring. He wanted feedback on layout, ride and the ergonomics of all the integrated systems. We are always on the lookout for … [Read more...]

XPCAMPER V2: The Ultimate Overland Truck Camper?

The XPCamper V2 debuted at Overland Expo and created quite a buzz. Before the prototype was disassembled, for final production, I managed to snag the keys and take it on a little adventure in the California mountains. I picked up the Toyota Tacoma based rig at the XPCamper factory in Grass Valley, … [Read more...]