LIFE OF ADVENTURE: Holiday Gift Guide 2016

I think life is better when you K.I.S.S! Another words, keep it simple stupid. Buy less stuff, but buy more high quality versatile stuff. I feel that this principle is also key for gift giving and receiving, as besides a few short term smiles, disposable cheap gifts don't do anything for anyone. The … [Read more...]

10-20 Adventures Winter Desert Campout

10-20 Adventure Community 2015 Desert Winter Camping Adventure   Support, Inspire, Motivate...Mission Accomplished!   What's your twenty? My twenty this past weekend, December 11-13 2015, was out in the SoCal desert near Sultan City, CA with an amazing group of adventurers, the 10-20 … [Read more...]

Overland Expo 2015: Motos

While I might not be an adventure moto guy, yet at least (I do have a motorcycle license though), I'm always impressed by the hearty souls who throw a leg over an adventure bike and hit the road less traveled. Motorcycle travel exposes you to the elements in so many ways that just aren't experienced … [Read more...]