GREEN RACE 2017: A Tale Of Two Races

Taking on the Green Race Ironman Challenge by: Bobby "The Dogg" Miller Every year on the first Saturday in November, the best paddlers from the East Coast (and some from other areas) come test themselves on a challenging stage of the highest magnitude at the Green Race. There is always a … [Read more...]


From Wreck to Redemption: The Joy & Pain of Extreme Racing by: Bobby Miller Fall is a busy time on the East Coast for the Class 5 extreme racer. There are a multitude of challenging races to hit, starting with the King of New York series on Labor Day weekend and culminating with … [Read more...]

Bobby Miller Finally Races The Green!

Green River Narrows Race – A Veteran Racer’s Perspective on the First Time Racing the Green By: Bobby Miller Every year in early November, the infamous Green River Narrows Race (aka The Greatest Show in All of Sports) takes place, challenging the skills of the many paddlers that compete. … [Read more...]