EVENT: Overland Expo 2013 Wrap Up

Overland Expo 2013 was another HUGE gathering of overlanders and the overland industry at Mormon Lake, AZ. The event happens each year in May and seems to be growing with more participants, more vendors and more classes every year. The information available to you at this event is really quite … [Read more...]

Vehicles of Overland Expo 2013: BIG RIGS

The big rigs had a big presence at Overland Expo 2013 with the Unimogs taking center stage with a big display/gathering at the center of the vendor area. The big trucks dropped a lot of jaws with their sheer size, plethora of features, luxury amenities and price tags. It is hard to define "big … [Read more...]

EVENT: NE Overland Rally & Workshop

Sept. 20-23, 2012 (Rockingham, VT) Extended Photo Galleries on FB- Event: Things, People & Happenings Rigs: Trucks, Motos & Trailers This is the 4rd overland event that I’ve been to this year (SOCAL Desert Rendezvous, Overland Expo & WA Overland Rally) that included driving … [Read more...]

EVENT: SOCAL Desert Rendezvous 2012

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYfAHc15em0 (See the complete photo gallery HERE) March 24-26th Give a bunch of Overland and 4x4 enthusiasts a date, GPS coordinates in the desert, free gourmet food, a competition, and some great free raffle prizes and you get the 2012 SOCAL Desert … [Read more...]