LIFE OF ADVENTURE: Holiday Gift Guide 2016

I think life is better when you K.I.S.S! Another words, keep it simple stupid. Buy less stuff, but buy more high quality versatile stuff. I feel that this principle is also key for gift giving and receiving, as besides a few short term smiles, disposable cheap gifts don't do anything for anyone. The … [Read more...]

Overland Expo 2015: Event Wrap-Up

Overland Expo 2015 was a year for the record books. The unseasonal weather got everyones attention, with hail, snow, rain and cold temps making the "dry" lakebed into a muddy quagmire by the end of the weekend. Those that stuck around till Sunday were rewarded with amazing weather and more quality … [Read more...]

REVIEW: DeLorme inReach SE

REVIEW: DeLorme inReach SE Satellite Communicator; Here To Track Your Adventure, Then Save Your Life by: Sarah Blessington DeLorme inReach SE MSRP: $299.95 (BUY NOW) Used with the powered RAM inVehicle Mount MSRP: $69.95 (BUY NOW) SPECS: Uses the Iridium Satellite Network … [Read more...]

EVENT: Winter OR 2013- Wrap Up

Winter Outdoor Retailer 2013 was a gear junkies wet dream. There was so much outdoor and adventure sports goodness at the show it was really tough to take it all in. I first took you behind the curtain of the All Mountain Demo, then revealed the hottest new Snow Sports Gear, followed by the Survival … [Read more...]