REVIEW: CORE Kirri Whitewater Kayak Paddle

I've been a part of Core Paddles since its early days. The idea was to push the boundaries of material and process technologies to make the best paddles possible. When I say best, I mean: the strongest, lightest, most powerful, most ergonomic, least blade flutter, etc... When designing paddles the … [Read more...]

DISCOVERED: Of Souls + Water Film Series- The SHAPESHIFTER I hate to keep drawing attention to the same series of films, but these guys are KILLING it!!! Legendary paddler, epic big wave, some of the best camera work in the business and night surfing with marine flares attached to kayaks! It's also sweet ot see the new CORE … [Read more...]

The HUGE Creek Boat REVIEW

There are a lot of boats on the market today that fit into the “creek boat” category. My aim with this creek boat review is to give you a a good overview of the market today and a personal experience comparison that is as unbiased a review as you can get in the paddle sports market. I currently have … [Read more...]

HOBUCK HODOWN 2011: Valley Surf Kayaks Blog

Check out my post on the Valley Surf Kayaks Blog for the full story. -Bryon Dorr   … [Read more...]


Solstice Kayak Surf Session: Click to read the full story … [Read more...]