LIFE OF ADVENTURE: The Cubed Travel Jacket

Clothing Arts Cubed Travel Jacket The line between travel jacket, rain jacket and performance shell has official been blurred. The Clothing Arts Cubed Travel Jacket combines the style and utility of a businessman's travel jacket with the technicality of a proper outdoor adventure shell. You'd be … [Read more...]

LIFE OF ADVENTURE: Holiday Gift Guide 2016

I think life is better when you K.I.S.S! Another words, keep it simple stupid. Buy less stuff, but buy more high quality versatile stuff. I feel that this principle is also key for gift giving and receiving, as besides a few short term smiles, disposable cheap gifts don't do anything for anyone. The … [Read more...]

EVENT: Winter OR 2013- Misc. Awesome Gear

There was so much awesome stuff to check out at this year's Winter Outdoor Retailer show. I already brought you behind the scenes at the All Mtn Demo, shared the TOP 10 Snow Sports Gear & the TOP 10 Survival Products. Now its time to share all the other cool products that just didn't fit in … [Read more...]