SEMA 2017: The Khaki Revolution

Some of the most interesting off road and overland vehicles at The SEMA Show 2017 were a khaki/sand/tan color. Put on your safari outfits, kick back and have a look at these SEMA 2017 vehicles. AEV came out swinging at this year's SEMA Show with a bunch of truly inspiring vehicles. The big … [Read more...]

OVERLAND EXPO 2016: Top 50 Off-Road Adventuremobile

Trail Worthy Vehicles From Overland Expo 2016 I've already shared with you the Homes on Wheels and Hot Overland Gear from Overland Expo 2016. It's now time to check out the "smaller" overland rigs that can truly take you to those remote, off the beaten path, destinations of your dreams. Below are … [Read more...]

Vehicles of Overland Expo 2013: JEEP

Jeeps are part of American culture and the newest 4 door iterations have taken the offroad and overland markets by storm. The latest JK Rubicon editions are VERY capable machines right off the assembly line. The updated interior and new V6 power plant offer a level of refinement never before seen in … [Read more...]