EVENT: 2013 SoCal Mountain Rendezvous

My inaugural trip to the 2013 SoCal Desert Rendezvous, put on by the American Adventurist, started in Vegas picking up the awesome Maxtrax Toyota FJ from Ben at Outback Proven. Ben couldn't make the trip this year, but graciously let me fly in and borrow the FJ for the event. Rendezvous is held at a … [Read more...]

REVIEW: Precipice (Book)

Precipice is a book of suspense and action. I picked up this book assuming it would only be about adventures in a kayak, as that is what the author of the book, Leland Davis, is known for, and how I know him. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Yes there are moments of extreme whitewater kayak action, … [Read more...]

EVENT: Overland Expo 2013 Wrap Up

Overland Expo 2013 was another HUGE gathering of overlanders and the overland industry at Mormon Lake, AZ. The event happens each year in May and seems to be growing with more participants, more vendors and more classes every year. The information available to you at this event is really quite … [Read more...]

Vehicles of Overland Expo 2013: VANS

I figured I'd start this year's Overland Expo coverage with a little van adventure mobile goodness. It is always awesome to check out the wide variety of van based adventure overland rigs that come to Expo each year. Of course the big Ford 4x4 vans are near and dear to my heart, but the well … [Read more...]

The Adventure to Overland Expo 2013

This adventure began along the western slope of Colorado in Grand Junction. After a few days of selling off most of her worldly possessions Sarah Blessington, my new girlfriend and travel partner, hoped in the Sportsmobile to begin her adventure with me on the road. Our first destination would be … [Read more...]