SNAPSHOT: Great Sandy National Park

GreatSandyNP 1I recently got to travel to Australia to do some writing and photography for Unsealed4x4. After some expedition plans fell through last minute, at the tail end of my adventures down under, I quickly made plans to catch up with my good friend David Priddis, as he was living and working on the Sunshine coast. It worked out that he had some time off and we got to go on a bunch of awesome day trips in the area. One of my favorite was a trip north to explore Great Sandy National Park, specifically the Cooloola Recreation Area. This entailed a bunch of beach driving in David’s trusty Defender 110, named “Goliath,” a few short hikes and tons of photography opportunities. The weather threatened all day, but didn’t properly unleash on us until the highway drive home. Overland adventures don’t need to be “epic,” “RTW,” “hardcore” or riddled with breakdowns to be memorable. This little adventure with a good friend will be remembered fondly for a long time 🙂

David has just recently hit the road full time to “close the loop” on his round-the-world overland adventure. The first leg of this final push around the globe is a lap around Australia. Be sure to follow his adventures on the Walkabout2408 website and on the Australia Overland FB page.

GreatSandyBeachMapI always take my Delorme inReach with me when I’m out of cell service and out adventuring. This map shows a basic overview, as recorded by the inReach, of the route we took around Great Sandy National Park. The entire eastern side and northern short bit, all shaded in green, was beach driving.

GreatSandyNP 2The beach goes on for a LONG way here!GreatSandyNP 3David at home piloting his trusty Defender 110, “Goliath.”GreatSandyNP 4 GreatSandyNP 5 GreatSandyNP 6 GreatSandyNP 7 GreatSandyNP 8 GreatSandyNP 9The cross peninsula Leisha track looking NW.GreatSandyNP 10 GreatSandyNP 11The famous “Rainbow Beach” cliffs, as viewed from Double Island Point.GreatSandyNP 12I hear there is a quality surf point break here with the right swell direction.GreatSandyNP 13Looking south from Double Island Point.GreatSandyNP 14 GreatSandyNP 15Double Island Point Lighthouse.GreatSandyNP 16Goliath is such an iconic, and extremely photogenic, overland machine!


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