This is a photo essay of FJ Summit 9, which was held in Ouray, CO from July 15-19 2015. For the full story on the event read my coverage on OutdoorX4 Online: FJ Summit 9. To check out some of the friendly faces from around this year’s event see my FB Album: Faces of FJ Summit 9. A HUGE thanks to the organizers, volunteers, sponsors and attendees for making this event such an amazing experience for everyone, and especially for accepting me into the fold and sharing with me their passion for Toyota off-road vehicles.

PS: It is also key to seize unique opportunities to explore the local area in depth when they present themselves. I got the opportunity to tour the Revenue Silver Mine, a historic local mine that was recently reopened and modernized. Check out the FB Album: Revenue Silver Mine Tour for a glimpse into this unique experience.

EEFJSummit9 1 EEFJSummit9 2Lots of awesome vendor vehicle builds in attendance.EEFJSummit91‘s 80 might not look like much, but this thing is a beast off-road!EEFJSummit91 2 EEFJSummit91 3TCT Magazine had quite the collection of FJ Summit grill badges.EEFJSummit91 4 EEFJSummit91 5 EEFJSummit91 6This was the first year of organized night trail runs up Imogene Pass.EEFJSummit91 7 EEFJSummit91 8 EEFJSummit91 9 EEFJSummit91 10The trail of vehicles descending from Imogene Pass through the snow zone.EEFJSummit92 EEFJSummit93 1 EEFJSummit93 2 EEFJSummit93 3 EEFJSummit93 4 EEFJSummit93 5 EEFJSummit93 6 EEFJSummit93 7 EEFJSummit94 1 EEFJSummit94 2 EEFJSummit94 3The Columbine flowers were in full bloom.EEFJSummit95 EEFJSummit96 1Toyota off-road vehicles of all shapes and styles are accepted at the FJ Summit.EEFJSummit96 2 EEFJSummit96 3A proper bead lock wheel, in all the right colors, from Method Race Wheels.
EEFJSummit96 4 EEFJSummit97 1I was lucky enough to get to hit the trails with Expedition Overland, and even drive Rufio. These 4 Runners are setup REALLY well!EEFJSummit97 2 EEFJSummit98 1Adventure Driven‘s “Sexy Lexy” leading the way.EEFJSummit98 2 EEFJSummit99 1 EEFJSummit99 2 EEFJSummit991 EEFJSummit992The local community comes out and cleans the trail dirt off all the rigs on Saturday evening.EEFJSummit993Amazingly this is only a small sample of the overall attendees, as many people had already left, couldn’t get out of bed so early and/or were still hung over from the party the night before.

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