SNAPSHOT: Australia Zoo


(Photo: David Priddis)

On my recent trip to Australia I went on a bunch of fun day trip adventures with my good friend David Priddis, like our beach driving adventure in the Great Sandy National Park. One of those days was spent at the Australia Zoo on a bit of a wildlife photography mission. We were both just working on taking cool shots, helping each other improve our photography and enjoying a day checking out the critters.

EEAustraliaZooPhotos 1Crocs and gators are the main attractions at the Australia Zoo, and there are LOTS of them!EEAustraliaZooPhotos 2 EEAustraliaZooPhotos 3 1 EEAustraliaZooPhotos 3 2 EEAustraliaZooPhotos 3 3EEAustraliaZooPhotos 3 4 EEAustraliaZooPhotos 4 1 EEAustraliaZooPhotos 4 2Koala are really that cute and soft, yes they really are!EEAustraliaZooPhotos 4 3 EEAustraliaZooPhotos 5 1 EEAustraliaZooPhotos 5 2Crazy how docile the Zoo Roos were. I wouldn’t really want to mess with a wild one this close!EEAustraliaZooPhotos 6 1 EEAustraliaZooPhotos 6 2 EEAustraliaZooPhotos 7Of course you should walk your Wombat!EEAustraliaZooPhotos 8 1 EEAustraliaZooPhotos 8 2 EEAustraliaZooPhotos 9 EEAustraliaZooPhotos 10 1This guy was quite photogenic 🙂
EEAustraliaZooPhotos 10 2 EEAustraliaZooPhotos 10 3 EEAustraliaZooPhotos 11 EEAustraliaZooPhotos 12 1 EEAustraliaZooPhotos 12 2 EEAustraliaZooPhotos 13 EEAustraliaZooPhotos 14 EEAustraliaZooPhotos 15 EEAustraliaZooPhotos 16 1 EEAustraliaZooPhotos 16 2 EEAustraliaZooPhotos 16 3 EEAustraliaZooPhotos 16 4 EEAustraliaZooPhotos 17 EEAustraliaZooPhotos 18 1 EEAustraliaZooPhotos 18 2 EEAustraliaZooPhotos 18 3 EEAustraliaZooPhotos 18 4 EEAustraliaZooPhotos 19 1 EEAustraliaZooPhotos 19 2The Red Panda are hard to photograph, especially when they are all passed out in the trees.EEAustraliaZooPhotos 19 3I had never seen a Binturong before, commonly known as a Bear Cat.EEAustraliaZooPhotos 20 1Big cats are just amazing creatures to watch!EEAustraliaZooPhotos 20 2 EEAustraliaZooPhotos 20 3 EEAustraliaZooPhotos 20 4 EEAustraliaZooPhotos 21 1 EEAustraliaZooPhotos 21 2 EEAustraliaZooPhotos 22This little guy was not so stoked on being dragged around the Zoo by Mom.EEAustraliaZooPhotos 23David has just recently hit the road full time to “close the loop” on his round-the-world overland adventure. The first leg of this final push around the globe is a lap around Australia. Be sure to follow his adventures on the Walkabout2408 website and on the Australia Overland FB page. He takes great photos, goes to amazing places and shares his passion for doing both.EEAustraliaZooPhotos 24Feeding time at the Zoo 😉

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