SNAPSHOT: 2015 Vermont Overland Trophy

The Vermont Overland Rally 2015 was a blast! I joined team Lucky 8 Offroad for the adventure, on assignment for OutdoorX4 Magazine. Check out the following links for all the great stories and pics I published from the event, as well as a great piece from team mate Gus Granger and a compilation video by Lucky 8. The photos below add to the story of the third, and possibly last VOT.

OutdoorX4 Online: Vermont Overland Trophy 2015


OutdoorX4 Magazine Issue #11: These Green Mountains


Autoweek Magazine: Finding Carnage & Camaraderie on the Rugged Back Roads of Vermont


Exploring Elements: Extended Facebook Album


The Adventure Portal: Vermont Overland Trophy 2015 by Gus Granger


Also be sure to watch this video that Lucky 8 put together:

EEVOT2015 1Social hour as everyone gathers on the night before the event kicked off.EEVOT2015 2 1Competitors meeting on a foggy Vermont morning.EEVOT2015 2 2Team Lucky 8 entering the depths of the Vermont Class 4 roads.EEVOT2015 3 1Hot local breakfast kicked off most days, and the Moon Dog Cafe does it right!EEVOT2015 3 2This is a huge obstacle, but this custom H3 makes it look like a speed bump.EEVOT2015 3 3We didn’t exactly rough it. Yep, that is a hot shower at camp 🙂EEVOT2015 4 1Mmmm, beef, it’s what’s for dinner.EEVOT2015 4 2 EEVOT2015 4 3 EEVOT2015 5 1Quality team work was the only way to get the vehicles through the trails in one piece.EEVOT2015 5 2Some challenges required airborne tires to accomplish.EEVOT2015 5 3FUN was had by all 🙂EEVOT2015 5 4The Avensa GPS maps worked great for navigation.EEVOT2015 6 1 EEVOT2015 6 2 EEVOT2015 6 3Sometimes you just had to pull over and take in the amazing Vermont countryside!EEVOT2015 6 4 EEVOT2015 6 5Country lanes, pavement and hard off-road tracks were all included in the 2015 VOT adventure.EEVOT2015 6 6Sometimes there was a bit of a backup at challenge sections, but it just made for quality spectating.EEVOT2015 7 1 EEVOT2015 7 2We did find a BIT of mud 🙂EEVOT2015 7 3 EEVOT2015 7 4Winch skills are required for this challenge.EEVOT2015 8 1 EEVOT2015 8 2Body damage is inevitable on the VOT, the key is to keep it as minimal as possible. This bumper just pops back on with plastic clips, and duck tape works great for a temp fix.EEVOT2015 9 1Popped beads and flats were common.EEVOT2015 9 2The houses and architecture you come across in the middle of nowhere VT is truly breathtaking.EEVOT2015 9 3 EEVOT2015 10 1The final challenge section on Lillie Brook Farm was not easy!EEVOT2015 10 2Everyone loves awards at the end of an amazing few days of competition.EEVOT2015 10 3Finisher awards were these cool metal wallets created by Research & Recovery Gear.EEVOT2015 11The coveted Camel Trohpy Mustache Award.EEVOT2015 12Final night’s bon fire under a clear star filled sky.


You can also check out my experience at the first VOT-

EVENT: Vermont Overland Trophy 2013

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