SEMA NEWS: The Jeep Invasion!

There were only a few truly overland expedition ready Jeeps at the show. This example from Adventure Trailers is super well sorted.

This was the year of the Jeep at the 2012 SEMA Show, and specifically the Wrangler JK Unlimited model. The sheer volume of Jeeps on display and availability of every part, modification and accessory known to man for this vehicle was incredible! I’ll let the photos do the talking, but literally every time you turned around at SEMA you’d bump into another Jeep. As you’ll see in the photos there was a HUGE range as to what people’s vision of the perfect Jeep might be.

HUGE MEGA FB Jeep Gallery

(I think I caught every Jeep at SEMA, but they were hiding in every corner, so I very well could have missed one.)

This rig was awesome! Modified in every way and sporting a Cummins diesel engine. Ready for adventure for sure!

Mark Smith’s CJ7 that traversed the Darien Gap. Very cool!

True 6×6 Jeep with large custom gun case under the back tonneau cover and full luxury roof top tent by Wild Boar Products.

Jeep and Mopar teamed up to build a few very special rigs. The mighty FC is by far one of the best!

Another Jeep creation that was immaculately done and displayed in the Dynatrac booth. The retro cool J12 was built to perfection!

The Mopar Sand Trooper has portal axles and a host of other trick gadgets that could soon be available through the Mopar catalogue. I have to ask why you’d use those tires on a vehicle intended to be used in the sand thought?

This is the “Steel-Bender” by VWerk, a fully custom hemi powered Jeep pickup.

Very clean and well sorted Cherokee. This truck is usable in every way.

Hutchinson wheels are probably the best in the biz. Their internal rubber beadlock system is quite trick and used by many militaries. Their display Jeep had a little bit of fire power!

Rubber Bully coated this entire Jeep in their new spray/roll on bed liner material made from recycled tires. I was interested to know the additional weight, but they didn’t know.

ICON makes super high quality suspension systems and is super well-known in the Toyota offroad world. Their parts were on everything from Ford Wraptors, lifted full size pickups to trick Jeeps like this at SEMA.

Which way to go? Sweet rock crawling Jeep with front clip on both ends.

This sweet old Willys wagon was called the “Willys Overland.”

How can you go wrong with this perfect CJ from Rugged Ridge?

Looks like fun, but not sure it is “Trail Rated.”

Crazy stretch on this thing. Odd proportions, but AEV does sick work.

Bling yes. Offroad worthy, don’t think so.

Great cause, save the boobies, but really, a pink Jeep SURCO!

-More SEMA Jeeps in the FB MEGA Gallery

What are your thoughts on the Jeep JK? I think it is a cool truck with possibilities, but in the end a bit small for my needs, underpowered and doesn’t have the range I want in an expedition vehicle. Most of these things can be fixed with the many modifications available for this platform, but at what cost?

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